Invest in the Foran Investment Club

Katie Buckheit

Sports Editor

Mr. Czarnecki, technical engineering and communications teacher, recently applied for a grant to fund his new club, the Foran Investment Club.

As a graduate of the financial guru Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, Czarnecki is well versed in how to manage finances and savings.  Mr. Balestriere will be joining Czarnecki in founding the club, which will focus on how to become debt free in high school.

Ramsey has high school courses that provide tools for educators to teach students about financial responsibility.  Programs are offered on Ramsey’s website, and while valuable and worthwhile, they are expensive.  “Foundations in Personal Finance”, the program of choice for the club is approximately 650 dollars.

“I was told to go to a local bank and inquire about a grant.  I went to the Milford Bank and asked.  We got lucky in that the Milford Bank was having its annual give back for community groups.  They gave us 500 dollars for the club, which was great,” says Czarnecki.  “However, that still left us with 150 dollars to cover.”


The Milford Public School System picked up the rest of the tab, and the finance kit was ordered soon after.

In total, the Milford Bank has contributed a total of $13,350 to several community groups, including the Foran Investment Club, Disabled American Veterans, Get In Touch Foundation, Literacy Center Of Milford, Rape Crisis Center, and the Young Parent Program.  All of the groups that received grants can be found on the Milford Bank website.

The club will run Thursdays from 2-3.  All are welcome, and no experience is necessary to participate.