Lion Donation Den Open for Prom Season

Katie Buckheit

Sports Editor

Prom is May 2 this year.  Between prom dresses, suits, shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup, it is easy to pay more than originally planned.  The Foran High Prom Closet is open for business and ready to help.

The closet has been run for a few years through Student Life.  Now, Ms. Bier, school counselor and varsity cheerleading coach, has taken over.  “I am very excited to get the closet running and advertised to the community. It is a terrific resource for our students to have. It is so nice to see our students donating their belongings to help their peers,” Bier said.

The closet is located in green hall and is open to any student.  It lends special occasion attire to students for events such as prom and banquets.   Those who run it are always accepting dresses, suits, and dress clothes.  “Although we have designated March 23-27 as our collection week, students, faculty and staff can bring in items at any point. I am happy to collect items throughout the school year,” Bier said.

prom closet pic

The closet is open for browsing by appointment on Wednesdays 2:00 to 2:45 with Ms. Bier.

Along with fancy attire, the closet, newly named The Lion’s Donation Den, offers regular, day to day clothes for students in need.

“Many students don’t know that the dresses and formal clothes are lent out, but if they need clothes, the regular clothes are theirs to keep,” said Dr. Goleski. “Students often don’t know they can even ask.”

Ms. Bier said the closet is a great resource.

“Specifically, it is special to see the section of the closet we call the ‘Prom Closet’ grow with selections. No student should have to choose not to attend their high school dance because they cannot afford proper attire,” she said.

Many styles and sizes are offered in the Donation Den, for every girl.  For an appointment, contact Ms. Bier at [email protected].