Team Captains

Dylan Destefano
Staff Writer
Rob Lynch- Baseball

rob lynch captian
Rob Lynch is a captain for the baseball team. Lynch’s personal goals are to be a winner and a team leader. The captain’s team goals are to make sure that Foran is a winning team and that he helps his team minimize mistakes. He is a person that will help his team achieve goals and help them realize their full potential. Rob is uncertain about his college choices. Rob does schoolwork outside of school and works outside of school. He is certainly a great student while balancing school, work, and baseball. Over his four years he has grown into a leader on the team. He believes that the past captains had a strong influence on him.
Pat Fitzgerald- Track

Pat is a captain for the track and field team. His personal goal is to pole vault 13 feet and 6 inches and make it to the state opens. His team goal for the season are to win meets for his team and have a great season. Pat will be attending Utica College next year. Pat was a captain for the wrestling team and an all-state football player for Foran. “I’ve improved my height and this year hope to get even better this year.”

Jon Depascale- Lacrosse
Jon is a captain for Lacrosse. His personal goals are to make 30 or more goals. His team goals are to make states this year with his. Jonathan will be attending Plymouth next year. Jon likes to fish with his friends outside of sports. His growth over the years has made him a better leader and player. “My coach has became a mentor to me over the years playing lacrosse.”
Kyle Lockwood- Tennis

kyle lock 2
Kyle Lockwood will be the Tennis captain and will be playing the number one spot for Foran this year. He personally wants to make it past the third round of class M state tournament. He wants to lead his team to the state tournament this year and become a better team over the season. Kyle is undecided on college next year. Kyle is an honor student and participates Sci-Lions, National Honor Society, and Foran STEM team. “I feel like I can be a strong competitor this season. I’ve been able to become a more offensive player.”
Zack Cardellichio- Track
Zack is a captain for the track and field team. His personal goal is to win every meet and to beat all his opponents in the season. His team goal is to make his team stronger and become better for his team. Zack will be attending the University of New Haven next year. Zach likes to wrestle and work-out when he is not doing track and field. “I learned how the body works to produce the most power, and once I started winning my goals didn’t change.”
Nick Tuozzola- Baseball

nick t captian 2

Nick is the baseball captain for Foran and is the catcher. His personal goals are to lead the team to success and be a better player for his team. His team goals are to make states with his team. Nick will be attending SUNY Purchase next year. Outside he likes to hang out with his friends. “ I have grown into a leader and I hope my team will work with me to become a great team this year.”
Stephen Longley- Track
Stephen Longley will be the track and field captain this year. His personal goals are to make states for the 100 meter and the 4×100 meter relay. He wants his team to have a winning season this year and become a great unified team.Stephen will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and play football for them next year. Stephen like to play football and basketball outside of track and field. “The whole team as a whole has improved in each of our seasons and this year should be a very successful season.
Dana Xu- Tennis

dana xu
Dana Xu will be a captain for the tennis team this year. Dana Xu’s personal goals are to have fun maintain a good record. His team goals are to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience. Dana is undecided about college for next year, but has been accepted by UConn and University of Pittsburgh. Dana Xu studies for his academics and is part of the Foran band. Over the past years he has become a better player but the main goal for him is to have fun.
Jimmy Berkovich-Track
Jimmy will be the track and field captain this year. Jimmy’s personal goal is to qualify for states in the 100 meter, 200 meter, and the 4×1. He hopes to be a leader and teach his team about teamwork and respect. Jimmy is undecided for college next year. He is choosing between Roger Williams and Stonehill. Jimmy likes to do community service and play soccer outside of track. “ Looking back, I feel that track has been one of the most positive experiences of my high school career.”
David McLenithan- Lacrosse
David McLenithan will be the captain for the Lacrosse this season. His personal goal is to play to the best of his ability and beat Law. His team goals are to have a winning record and make states. David is undecided for college next year and is deciding between Wentworth Institute of technology and Michigan Tech. David likes to play hockey, go fishing, and do activities with friends outside of Lacrosse. “My freshman year it was Foran’s first year of Lacrosse in the history of school. The program has come a long way and I’ve watched this program come a long way and I’ve watched this program grow from nothing.”
Kevin Mastriano- Track

kevin mas capt
Kevin Mastriano will be the track and field captain this year. His personal goals are to improve as much as possible. His team goals are to see improvement by his team and make sure they work as hard as possible. Kevin will be attending Central Connecticut State University. Kevin works at Michael Anthony’s and likes to hang out with friends. “I experienced a lot of improvement and learned dedication is key to improvement.”
Josh Teller- Lacrosse
Josh Teller will be the captain for the Lacrosse team. His Personal Goals are to get better for college level play for lacrosse. His team goals are to try and help the team develop better chemistry and work together. Josh will be attending Curry College next year. Josh likes to workout at Crossfit outside of Lacrosse. “You learn to take on a lot responsibility and growth with a team like this.”
Tim Orozco- Lacrosse

tim orozco
Tim Orozco will be the captain for Lacrosse this year. His personal goals are to get better and keep up on his academics. His team goals are to get more wins and make states again. Tim will be attending Gateway for a year and then attend Eastern Connecticut State University. Tim Likes to work out in his free time and train for lacrosse. “Over the past four years you learn to be expected to be a role model and exceed the previous standards of last year.”
Dylan DeStefano- Golf

Dylan DeStefano
Dylan DeStefano will be the captain for golf this year. His personal goals are to get better as a player and have an average score of 39 or better. His team goals are to help other players on the team so they can make states. Dylan will be attending Coastal Carolina and will be studying Golf Management. Outside of golf he likes to play basketball, badminton, and watch sports outside of golf. “I’ve learned a lot in golf over these last four years. It has become my life and I will work as hard as possible to achieve my goals.”

Hanna Birenbaum
Staff Writer
Danielle Kemp- Softball

dani kemp cat use this one
Danielle’s personal goals for the season are to be a good captain and leader. She also hopes to improve from her past years.
Danielle’s team goals are to work hard, play to their full potential, and make states this year.
Next year, Danielle will be attending Stony Brook University in New York and has committed to play softball there.
In spring, outside of her sport, Danni likes to spend times with her friends and family and also work out.
Danielle feels very lucky that over the past 3 years of high school she was able to play with such great captains and leaders. They have shaped and influenced her into the player and teammate she is today.

Ashley Mendillo- Softball

ash medillo capt
Ashley’s personal goals for the season are to really become one big family this year. She also hopes to have her best season in high school and to be the best role model and captain she can be. Also to fulfill her pitching role to the best of her ability.
Ashley’s team goals for the season are to start off by winning the Hammonasset division. After that then she wants to make it as far as they can in the SCC’s. Of course, she wants the team to make the state tournament and be the last team standing. Ashley states “Overall, I think our goals would be to have a great season on the field together and make our record as strong as possible.”
Next year Ashley will be playing softball at Franklin Pierce University.
Outside of her sport in the spring, Ashley enjoys working, spending time with friends/family, the warm weather, and mentally preparing for her games.
Over the past 3 years Ashley is very happy with that with the influence and guidance of coach Bevino she has really progressed as a person and a player. Ashley claims “Starting as a freshmen was a life changing experience and something that I will never forget. As a person I’ve gotten stronger and learned many life lessons.”

Amanda Portoff- Softball

amanda portoff capt
Amanda’s personal goals for the season are to bring the team closer and to be a leader for her team
Amanda hopes for the team to become a very close knit team this year
Next year, Amanda will be attending Kutztown University.
Outside of softball in the spring, Amanda loves spending time with friends
Amanda is very pleased that over the past three years of high school softball she has grown as a leader and a player. She feels confident that she now understands all aspects of the game.

Jenna Zacarelli- Softball

jenna zac capt
Jenna’s personal goals for the season are to be a role model and team leader for the younger players on the team. She also hopes to help her team win their division and get far this year
Jenna’s team goals this year are to win their division
Next year, Jenna hopes to attend either Albertus to play volleyball and softball, or Central University to play softball
Outside of softball in the Spring, Jenna likes to run and hangout with her friends
Over the past 3 years Jenna’s favorite memory has been playing in the state championship her sophomore year and getting to experience that. Jenna has felt very lucky to be a part of a team who has gotten better each year and an organization that has improved greatly. She feels blessed to be on a great team that everyone talks about.

Alexia Malangone- Lacrosse
Alexia’s personal goals for the season are to enjoy playing her last season of lacrosse and be able to say that we had a successful first varsity year
Alexia’s team goal is to bring their last years undefeated season to the varsity level
Alexia at the moment is undecided to where she will be attending next year
Outside of lacrosse Alexia enjoys spending lots of time with her friends
Considering last year was their first season, Alexia states “Since our sport only started last year there is not much to reflect on but we want to take our undefeated season to the varsity level”

Kali Borden- Lacrosse

kali borden
Kali’s personal goals are to improve her defending and be a strong leader for the girls on the team
Team goals for this year are to develop into a highly competitive varsity team
Kali will most likely be attending the United States Coast Guard Academy next year.
Kali says “Since we are only a 2 year team this spring, we are still trying to build girls lax as a strong program at Foran.”

Emily Sabo- Golf

Emily Sabo Captain
Emily’s personal goals are to do well and work hard. A big goal of hers is to at least get to the all state tournament, if she doesn’t go all state.
Emily’s team goals are to make sure the team comes together, does their best, and have fun this season.
Next year, Emily will be attending Alvernia University
Outside of golf in the spring, Emily enjoys working at Sand Castle learning center daycare
Over the past 4 years Emily said “As an individual I have improved a lot of the four years. I almost quit after my first day freshman year and now I’m captain and look forward to every season. The rest of the team has definitely influenced me to keep coming back and have fun every year.”

Corissa Masciana- Outdoor Track

corissa capt

Corissa’s personal goals for the season are to go to states one last time for the 200 meter and 4 by 1 relay
Her team goals are to compete and win even though she knows they have a smaller team this year unlike previous years
Next year Corissa will most likely be attending University of Delaware, but no final decisions have been made
Outside of track in the spring, Corissa spends her time working at the health department, lifeguarding at the public beaches, and hanging out with her friends

Erin Dillman- Outdoor Track
Erin’s personal goal for the season is to improve her times and become a better role model for the people around her
Erin’s team goal for the season are to have each teammate consistently improve their times and personal records. Also, she hopes to form a stronger bond between the girls on the team
Erin is a junior so she still has another full year to think about college
Outside of track in the spring, Erin works on her academics
Over the past two years Erin says “The girls have formed a strong bond over our sport. We are able to grow and help the underclassmen work on their skills. The seniors are continually very supportive.”

Sarah Barrett- Outdoor track

sarah barrett capt
Sarah’s personal goals are to improve her own personal bests and help newer athletes achieve their wanted times
Sarah’s team goals are to have everyone work harder than previous seasons and work well together as one team
Sarah is a junior so she still has another full year to think about college
Outside of track in the spring, Sarah enjoys working with Catherine Feinn Photography
Over the past 2 years Sarah has been on the team shes happy to have seen the whole team grow and improve. She is also happy she has improved and learned a lot about teamwork and leadership.