Fall Pep Rally Rallies Students in Support of Foran Spirit

Shannon Flynn

Staff Writer


Tuesday was the kick off of spirit week with students dressing as Tacky Tourists
Seniors gear up to defend their title at the Fall pep rally.

So far, leading up to the pep rally, participation during spirit week has been skyrocketing.  This year’s themes were tacky tourist Tuesday, workout Wednesday, USA day for Thursday, and Friday was wearing a specific color for each class (blue for freshman, white for sophomores, red for juniors, and black for the seniors.) At least half the school including teachers and faculty participated which so far has been a huge increase from last year.  Spirit week has broken out the competition between classes, especially leading up to the pep rally and the competition for the spirit stick which has remained with the senior class since last year.  Students Julia Herrington and Alicia Ledger felt it went really well. Herrington said, “Spirit week was lit, and I hope the pep rally goes the same.” A lot of students and teachers are also curious to see how the pep rally goes with the new senior class. Mrs. Pellegrino had agreed with that saying, “The spirit week over all was better than it ever was,  and I’m hoping the pep rally will be just as good since this year’s senior class seems very excitable.” Students and teachers are already ready for next spirit week including Erin Suech and Mrs. Sheppard. Mrs. Sheppard is ready for next semester and she hopes for even more ideas for themes, as did many students and Suech had said, “The best is those people who really go all out and had core to the themes.” Overall everyone is excited and ready for the pep rally.