Edmondson Pins the Competition

Jessica Lavallee

Staff Writer

luke pic0Senior Luke Edmondson at Foran High school takes home another state title. Friends, family, and coaches rejoiced at the Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven on February 27 2016 as Luke Edmondson won the state title. The Lions have had a very successful season and took home a team state title. Edmondson went into the competition very confident and hopeful that he’d be able to pin his way to victory. Edmondson has had a very successful wrestling career with his years here at Foran. Edmondson was crucial in helping the team win a state title.

Edmondson said “My favorite memory from wrestling here at Foran was winning the class M tournament with my team this past year.” After Edmondson won an individual title so many emotions were rushing through him. He said “First thing after I won the state open, I hugged my coaches then ran over to my parents in the stands and hugged them. Then went and cried tears of happiness in the corner of the gym because I had dreamed about that day since I was little.” Edmondson has longed to have completed so many great accomplishments. Edmondson says he now feels more accomplished that more people know who I am and what I’ve done. He also states “It makes me proud and relieved because of all the hard work I’ve put in and it finally showed, just like all my coaches have always told me.” One of Edmondson’s defining moments in his career was when he won the class M tournament sophomore year. Edmondson says “It really boosted my confidence and showed me what I was capable of.”

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