Cats rescued from Milford Home

Gavrielle Figueiredo
Staff Editor
            Recently this week in the Milford community, a house was found on High Street that was being condemned because of filthy conditions was found to have 69 cats inside. The police department was informed of complaints about ‘odors’ coming from the house. Inside there were feces and hoarding conditions in which the owner was warned to comply with the demands to clean up the house or to no longer live there. The Health and Animal Control departments have transported all the cats to the local animal shelter on 664 East Broadway in Milford. The police department has yet to release any details but one officer has said “we have some cats” for homes.  The New Haven Register received an email Wednesday asking for help from people to provide these cats with homes. The house has recently been cleaned up and taken care of by the owner and is now be improved for living conditions. The cats are said to be very friendly, although some are feral, all they need is human contact and affection. The email sent to the Register said, “Please don’t let these cats die because of the ignorance of some people. If anyone can take at least one cat that would be very helpful.” The cats are found at the Milford Animal Shelter, taking just one cat can make a difference.