Skele-Tons of fun!

Wyatt Johnson

Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! The leaves change color, the birds fly south, and parents across the country begin dragging their children to “fun” fall-related activities! So while you’re cruising about in the family minivan, begrudgingly listening to the story of your father’s perfect bowling game for the fortieth time, why not throw in one of these suggestions to make these excursions less excruciating!

If you’re a craver of flavor, then make sure you get around to picking fresh fruits and vegetables right off of the tree/vine/bush/ground/pre-packaged plastic! Head on over to Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford, Jones Family Farms in Shelton, or Silverman’s Farm in Easton to get involved in this autumnal activity. Each of these locations has fresh produce ripe for the picking, among other fall events such as hay rides. Chris Petrucelli (Junior) said, “Those are some fine apples.” And you can take Chris’s word for it!

But this is where we separate the men from the boys. As skeletons of funHalloween rolls around and the spooky scary skeleton is brought out in all of us, sometimes we just want to get spooked. For the spookiest time in New England, head on over to the spooky Trail of Terror in Wallingford! A spooky walk through a series of themed spooky rooms is sure to spook you! And if you’re looking for something a bit more mainstream, you can head on over to our Theme Parks for some spooky Halloween-themed spooktivities! At Six Flags Fright Fest Presented by SNICKERS®, once the clock strikes midnight spooky shows and trails open up. You can even ride your favorite roller coasters at their spookiest – in the dark! Alex Kurata (Senior) said, “There’s just a bunch of people in costumes and they go on rides and the trails.”

Autumn is the perfect time to take in the scenery and complain about how much Pumpkin Spice stuff there is. Don’t let this season pass you by – start enjoying it!