Volleyball Senior Night

Julia Wargo
Staff Writer
The girls’ volleyball team is in the process of saying farewell to their home of four years, as it was the second to last time playing a seasonal game in the Foran gymnasium. Although this was their second to last game played in the gymnasium, the girls still have more time to spend together due to how they qualified for the State Championship and the Southern Connecticut Conference. They qualified for these tournaments after they defeated Guilford the other night, 3 sets won by Foran. What a great senior night for these girls! The seniors for the volleyball team include Samantha Bennett, Michelle Ciolino, Brooke Gauthier, Kelly Hunt, Juliet Levesque, and Julia Silvestri.

Foran Senior volleyball players
Foran Senior volleyball players

In the first set, the girls easily completed it, winning 25-15. The second set seemed more difficult for the girls; at one point they were losing to Guilford, then revived themselves and came back to win 25-23. And in the third and final set, they dominated as they beat Guilford 25-16.

Although senior night is usually held on the last home game of the season, the volleyball team chose for theirs to be on the second to last home game of the season. Their very last home game is October 24 at 10 o’clock in the morning against Amity Regional High School.