New Hit Series Are Back

Juliana Tuozzola

Staff Writer

This fall 2015, is prime time for television as hit series are currently airing. Some of our beloved shows have returned with new seasons (yay!) Whether you’re an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan, or deeply invested in the entertainment and suspense Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder offer, ABC’s TGIT (thank god it’s Thursday,) will get you hooked! Make sure to have your homework done, grab your remote and get cozy it’s time to watch some hit shows!

Grey’s Anatomy is back but Doctor McDreamy is not. Fans who have been following along since the early ages of this series, are able to agree that Derek Sheppard’s presence will be missed as we are all grieving an admired character. Some fans turned their devastation into anger pondering on the question: Shonda Rhimes, how much more heartache can we suffer through from one show? There are a lot of concerns and questions regarding season 12. How is Meredith going to survive without Derek? Can producer Shonda Rhimes keep the show thriving and entertaining without actor Patrick Dempsey? Grey’s Anatomy has been on for 10 years, and has not failed yet due to the strong plot and character development. For some, it is easy to argue that far too many emotions have been compromised for this series. Too many tears have been shed over characters we love. Grey’s Anatomy airs every Thursday at 8 pm on ABC!

If you love criminal justice and politics then Scandal is the show for you! Olivia Pope is a Washington, D.C-based crisis manager who runs her own firm. As she gets involved with the President of the United States and gets hands on with the crazy work her job entails, things get messy-there may even be a few scandals along the way. To see what Olivia Pope has gotten herself into next, watch Scandal every Thursday at 9 pm.

Viola Davis won an Emmy for best actress for her role in How to Get Away with Murder. Season 2 is currently airing on ABC at 10 pm, a part of TGIT. Viola Davis plays the cold-hearted lawyer named Annalise Keating. Annalise’s five law students who work on her cases get caught up in intense situations, causing trouble to arise. Viewers find themselves struggling to wait an entire week for the next episode, as this show is wildly intense. Julia Astram says, “With every episode I watch, my adrenaline is constantly pumping. The suspense this show offers drives me insane!” Her five law students that work on her cases get themselves caught up in crazy situations- you’ll have to watch to find out.

October 7, American Horror Story debuted season 5: Hotel. Lady Gaga made an appearance in her first acting job ever. Of course, Gaga entered in a wild, extravagant manner as assumed. Shea Phelan says, “I think Lady Gaga is the perfect person to star in American Horror Story. She kills her role. I cannot wait for more episodes.” Phelan also adds, “It is extremely hard to wait every week for a new episode- it’s the craziest and most intriguing show I have ever watched.” Arguably, the show is gruesome and disturbing but is a phenomenal series that’ll keep you on your toes. American Horror Story is on FX Wednesday’s at 10 pm. If you love the essence and entertainment of horror, this is the show for you.