Foran Celebrates Veteran’s Day

Ryan Luth reads his Veteran's Day poem to the school.
Ryan Luth reads his Veteran’s Day poem to the school.

While freedom forever rings, and American pride flourishes throughout the halls at Foran High, we take the time to honor and recognize Veterans Day. To express our gratitude and recognize the men and women who served, an assembly was held. Foran’s string orchestra, band, and choir made an appearance with a beautiful performance, singing and playing to the famous tunes of America. While embracing freedom and bravery, we also reflected on the sacrifice Americans have put themselves through to obtain the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Men and women who have served, or continue to serve, participated in the assembly and stood before students as we applauded their bravery. Men and women from the Army National Guard, Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Air Force National Guard, were honored and present at our school. Christian Mines, Efrain Feliciano, Thomas Dillon, George McQuain, Eric Perez, Tania DeJesus, Elo Yi, Anthony DeFrancesco, Frank Lasorso, Stephen Botelho, Donna Vance, Nelson Camp, Peter Lanier, David Doyle, Byron Larrea, and Paul Grillo were all recognized and honored at our Veteran’s Day assembly.

Head of the social studies department, Mr. Cesare planned and put together a wonderful assembly to make sure that Foran High School recognizes the contributions veterans make to our country. Instead of having Veterans Day off, faculty has found a way to celebrate and incorporate Veterans Day rituals into a normal school day. Mr. Cesare says, “I believe it is better to have school on this day so students can be taught about the importance of Veterans Day and contributions others have made to secure the freedom we all enjoy.” It is extremely important for all people to become aware of the fact that freedom does not come free. Veterans Day is a way to appreciate and remember our freedom is owed to the men and women who risk their lives for their country. Cesare also adds, “It is crucial students learn about the sacrifices others have made by serving in our armed forces to provide them the freedom and liberty they enjoy each day as Americans.”

The choir performed the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, and Unsung Heroes. The choir’s performance was phenomenal in achieving an overall sense of patriotism. Caitlin O’Halloran from the Foran choir speaks about performing in the Veteran’s Day assembly. O’Halloran says, “It was an honor to get to sing for the people who fight for our freedom everyday.” The band and the strings orchestra did an amazing job honoring our Veterans as well. All three musical groups entertained and evoked students and faculties American pride and spirit.

Winners of the Veteran poem contest read their poems which empowered and captured the hearts of many. Hanxin Liu and Ryan Luth read their inspiring and thoughtful poems to honor our veterans.  While emotionally moving an entire audience, both poems portrayed the true sacrifice of serving for our country. Ryan Luth gives insight on the importance of Veteran’s day, and why he decided to write a poem about it. Luth says, “I feel that Veterans Day is a very important day and should be taken seriously. There is only one day out of the year to nationally recognize our Veterans, but in my opinion, people should recognize and thank them everyday. America wouldn’t be the way it is if it weren’t for these people, and as an American it is our responsibility, I think, to help them out in as many ways as we can.”

Veterans Day is not just a day for prideful assemblies- it is a day to truly reflect and appreciate the men and women who have served in our country. Remember to thank a Veteran or man/woman who is serving. They secure the freedom that we all enjoy.

Veteran Poem by Ryan Luth

They go to a land where it isn’t safe,

They go to a new, unfamiliar place,

Away from home, racing to the battle

Where explosives sound and bombs rattle

They sacrifice more than we may ever know,

They go when it’s hot, or they go in the snow

They do it for us, for the U.S. of A.

So we must support them in every way.

Some lose arms, Some lose legs,

Some lose comrades and friends

While we lose a cellphone

And think the world ends.

They are the ones, who let the flag fly high

Its red, white, and blue standing proud in the sky

They are the ones who go to war,

Who push so hard their whole body is sore

They are soldiers, both current and past

They are the people who put themselves last

Our world would not be the way that it stands

If these people did not get the dirt on their hands

Always give thanks, and always be proud

Always stand tall and always cheer loud.

Give them a hug, or send them a note

Always encourage and always give hope

Freedom doesn’t ring across the world,

Freedom rings here, though, thanks to the bold.

Thanks to the ones who stand up and fight,

Thanks to the ones who give all their might.

Milford celebrated Veteran’s Day Sunday with a parade on the green. The Foran band participated