Reporter on the Street: What Are You Thankful For?

Julia Silvestri

Staff Writer

Foran students and teachers reflect on what they’re thankful for.

FullSizeRender (4)Paul Witherspoon

“I’m thankful for this beautiful school giving me the education I’m getting right now. And I’m thankful for my mother ’cause I love her.”




IMG_7931Emma Perry

“I’m thankful for my friends at school because they make it a lot easier to make it through the day.”




IMG_7930Sam Kopatch

“I’m thankful for turkeys. On Thanksgiving. And my family and friends. And Stuffing.”





IMG_7928Emily Brennan

“I’m thankful for my education. And my friends and my family.”





IMG_7913Mrs. Condon

“I’m thankful for family and my friends and being able to live so close to where I grew up so that I can reconnect with a lot of people I lost touch with.”





IMG_7909Emily Caicedo

“I’m thankful for my dog.”





IMG_7926Roman Babadzhan

“I’m thankful for the turkey that they serve every Thanksgiving because it’s good lunch.”




IMG_7923Jason Lavallee

“I’m thankful for hockey and my siblings.”





IMG_7929Joey DellaMonica

“I’m thankful for my friend Julia Silvestri.”





IMG_7914Mrs. Unger

“I’m thankful that all my family is going to be together at the house and we’re going to be eating many of our favorite things.”




IMG_7916Marcelo Ribiero

“I’m thankful for being in the United States. Being here, I met a lot of of people and now I have a lot of new friends and that’s really cool.”




IMG_7901 (1)Julia Renz

“I’m thankful for my dogs, my family, my friends, shopping, all the money I have, all the things I am blessed with and the food that is given to me every day.”






Nico Muoio

“I’m thankful for my mom.”





IMG_7927Meghan Kellihar

“I’m thankful for my health and my family.”





IMG_7925 (1)Nick Debiase 

“I’m thankful for lacrosse, family, friends, and my good friend Jason Lavallee.”






Sam Mitchell
“I’m thankful for my family, friends, and the opportunity to play sports in college.”