The Hour of Code

Gavrielle Figueiredo

Staff Writer

Ethan Hanna, a student interested in coding.

This month Microsoft has teamed up with This is a non-profit corporation that offers free programming tools for kids interested in the world of computer science. The popular game Minecraft is now an addition to the Hour of Code; an hour introduction to the world of computer science to anyone who wants to learn the basics. Now that Minecraft has been added, kids will be able to go to to find tutorials in 14 levels of the game. Just last week Star Wars was added to the new line up of games to the website. The Hour of Code uses games like “Flappy Bird” and a game based off of the popular Disney movie Frozen, to have students and teachers participate in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education week, which is December 7th to the 13th. I asked Mr.Czarnecki about how this hour of code would benefit students rather than learning it a more traditional way. He responded with, “Hour of Code is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour in a fun interactive way. Students will learn the fundamentals of technology that they interact with every day and how vital it is to our daily lives. Think of an alarm clock, Lights, Computers, Smart phones, gaming systems… somebody had to program that.”