Unified Arts Club

Shannon Flynn

Staff Writer

Natalia Hart, a student involved in the Unified Arts Club.

Everyone has heard of Foran’s Unified Sports Club, and now news is spreading about the new Unified Arts.  Unified Art is run by art teacher, Mrs. Plude and math teacher, Mrs. Jones. The club meets every Monday in room 122 and the very first meeting was Monday, November 9th. This club is based off of the same idea as Unified Sports, of people getting to know other people and teaching new skills to students of all different skill sets. Both of these clubs have an atmosphere of friendship and unity as students of all different levels of capability work together in activities whether it be painting or tossing a football. Mrs. Plude says, “The artist partnership cultivates a greater understanding of oneself, and of others. Working collaboratively leads to new friendships, improved self-esteem and positive changes in attitude, behavior and performance”.  The club focuses on artistic activities and as Mrs. -Plude said, “The Unified Art Program provides a forum for positive social interaction for all students.” Anyone in grades nine through twelve can join the club and it benefits everyone. This club will teach students valuable skills and as Mrs. Plude says, “This program fosters an inclusive school community where the values of tolerance, patience, and sensitivity are cornerstones.” Overall, anyone interested in being a part of this group should not hesitate to join.