The Music Industry’s Biggest Rivalry

Shea Phelan and Eva Knudsen

Staff Writers

After years of waiting, Justin Bieber has finally come out with new music and it is better than ever before. Recently, Bieber has been shocking people worldwide with his new attitude and sound in the studio. He just came out with a new album called “Purpose” with 19 new songs being released by the artist on November 13, 2015.

Justin_Bieber_-_Purpose_(Official_Album_Cover)Bieber’s last album release was in late 2013 and was labeled “Journals”. Every Monday in October, he would release a new song, as him and his beliebers would call “Music Monday’s”, for all his fans to hear. Journals sold 1.5 million copies and another famous album from him, “Believe”, sold 5.2 million.

Around Foran, we have many fans of Justin Bieber and of course Bieber’s rival, One Direction. Erin Suech, a sophomore at Foran and a fan since 2009, is excited to see how well his new album is going to do. Suech says, “He seems like he is coming out with a new style. He has matured and is definitely done with his dark phase.” Suech is excited to hear his new album and can’t wait to see what he has in store for the fans.

Along with a new album must come with a tour as well. Bieber released his tour dates in recent past. Justin will be hitting the common places such as Brooklyn, Madison Square Garden, and Hartford XL Center. The tour starts in early March and will end in mid-July in New York City.

Julia Renz, sophomore, is excited for the new album. Renz says, “I feel as this is his way of saying sorry to his fans. He should definitely come out with a new Christmas album too.”

Along with Justin Bieber’s album release, One Direction is coming out with their new album, “Made In the A.M.”, on the same day! It’s safe to say that this album is their best so far in the five years they’ve been creating music.

entertainment - one direction albumIf you don’t know much about One Direction, they’re a four-piece boy band that is comprised of Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. March 25, 2015 Zayn Malik departed the band to pursue his solo career. The band was originally a five-piece created in 2011 after all five boys auditioned as solo artists for the British X-Factor and didn’t go through. Simon Cowell had the idea to put these five boys into a band, and the fans have been thanking him ever since.

Their first album is called “Up All Night.” It became the UK’s fastest-selling debut album of 2011 and sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide. It definitely contrasts with “Made In the A.M.” Their voices have changed quite drastically from their first, to potentially their last album. Emma Longley says, “The boys’ voices have matured so much and they’ve adapted a new, chill sound.”

On this new track there are 17 new songs, and Olivia Oulette, a sophomore, has a few favorite songs, which are A.M. and Olivia (obviously). When asked who she thinks has changed the most she answered, “In my opinion, Niall has made the most improvement out of all of the boys, and I’m so proud that he starts most of the songs now.”

Like I said before, this could be One Direction’s last album. The boys’ are going on a year-long break starting in March of 2016, promising to return together in 2017. Even though Niall Horan has been tweeting to eliminate any fear of a break up, fans are still going to be on edge until their much awaited return.