Looking Towards the Future of 3D Printing


Khadija Ashfaq

GLASSESDevon Verma, a sophomore, recently has made a prototype for 3D printing glasses. When asked about how he came up with such an idea, Devon said, “Well the idea of 3D printing glasses was brought to my attention in the first week of my CAD class with Mr. Czarnecki. He explained to the class of all the magnificent things we could create in Solidworks, the computer program that we use in class to draft and design objects. I think it would be cool and cheaper to make my own glasses than buy new frames, but I never started working on it; until about three weeks ago, when I stepped on my glasses, and destroyed the screw that held my glasses in place.”  With Mr. Czarnecki’s permission, Devon put off his class project in the attempt to fix his glasses. The process of making the glasses wasn’t as difficult as it may seem. In fact it only took three class days for Devon to complete the project. Since the completion of his prototype, Devon is planning on making more models and revisions to his initial prototype. He hopes to make something cooler than his 3D printing glasses to hopefully show off to the school.