Fig’s Food and Fitness: December

Gavrielle Figueiredo

Staff Writer

gavWelcome back readers of Foran. This month’s article will cover two things that everyone loves, holidays and food.

Having a holiday party or just looking to create a creative snack to have around the table while celebrating? Well I have the snack for you, and even better, instead of fighting off the holiday weight and gaining weight from that ham you indulged in, I’ll give you some tips on how to stay healthy this holiday season. So, no need to worry about dieting the week before a big feast when you can use these simple tips to eat whatever you want.

First things first, here are some easy steps on making some little penguin finger foods made from olives, carrots, and cream cheese that are sure to get some attention.

The four things you will need are cream cheese, a bag of baby carrots, a bag of tooth picks, and a can of olives.

First, cut the baby carrots into slices (the feet), now cut a small triangle (beak) out of each slice. Now, take half the olives, the other half will be used to make heads, and cut a slit down the center, but do NOT cut the olives in half. Take cream cheese and pack and fill the slit you have made. Once you are done filling this half of olives, take the carrot slice (feet) and a tooth pick, and pierce through the center of the slice into the bottom of the cream cheese filled olive. Next, taking a non-cream cheesed olive, place the remaining carrot triangles (beak) into the top of the olive where the hole is. Place the olive on its side so the carrot (beak) is pointing out on the same side as the cream cheese side (chest) of the other olive. Place the olive head onto the body pushing it onto the toothpick that is in the olive body.  Now you have an easy to make, eye catching finger food.

Now here are some tips for staying slim during the holiday season while still eating what you want.  First of all, it’s proven that when you grab a smaller plate your brain thinks you’re full faster because there’s less room for food. Next, remember portion sizes and choices. Any meat should be the size of the palm of your hand, your veggies should take up almost 40% of your plate, and carbohydrates (potatoes) or breads should be about 20% of your plate. Make sure to take more vegetables to fill up on before filling up on breads or meat. For pie or dessert, wait about 20 minutes before eating. Your stomach takes about this long to realize it’s full.

Have a healthy and happy holidays Foran.