Holiday Cookie Grams


Julia Silvestri

Staff Writer

cookieDECA is back and fundraising again. Mrs. Brown’s newly reinstated club in 2009 has come together to form what they said was one of the best fundraisers yet. Over the past few weeks, they have been selling “holiday cookie grams.” The cookie gram consisted of two cookies wrapped nicely in a cellophane bag, tied up with holiday-inspired ribbon, and a tag expressing who the cookie gram is to and from, and a little message.

Mrs. Brown’s Retail Marketing students expressed the popularity of the merchandising of cookies during school store hours. “Cookies are a big seller at the school store so we thought, why not sell them as presents?” said Sam Mitchell. These holiday cookie grams were being sold throughout the lunch waves for $2 each. The club ended up raising over $100. Senior and DECA club member Sarah Corris said, “We focused more on getting the word out and we actually marketed for this time. We put a lot more effort in than ever before.” Foran administrators and teachers are excited to see holiday cheer and school spirit being spread around school. Even students, such as junior, Angelo Simonelli said, “The cookies are amazing and I’m so glad that they decided to do this, it’s a great idea.”