Teacher Spotlight: December


Reilee Barron

Staff Writer

Columns Teacher Spotlight RBMr. Peters started teaching at Foran High School in the month of August 2007. Starting his ninth year at Foran, Mr. Peters teaches math and more recently, took on the duty of teaching physics, as well. Though Mr. Peters is now a math and physics teacher, he planned on a different path before he discovered his passion. Mr. Peters says, “I was originally thinking of entering the exciting world of pharmaceuticals. As it turned out, it wasn’t as exciting for me as I thought it would be.” Mr. Peters studied at Southern Connecticut State University. Originally a chemistry major, Mr. Peters switched his course of actions during his sophomore year of college, now majoring in mathematics. Finishing with both a bachelor’s and a master’s in mathematics, Mr. Peters decided to become a math teacher. He taught at a middle school in another district before coming to Milford. He stated, “I thought I’d enjoy the younger crowd since I did my student teaching with 7th graders, but I could not have been more wrong. My hat goes off to middle school teachers everywhere. You are all amazing. This year I’ve been privileged to be able to teach physics as well at the high school level.” Though Mr. Peters loves to teach, he does admit that it is difficult at times. He says, “My favorite part is the actual teaching and helping students find the way that they best understand challenging content. My pet peeve is when a student already has the mindset that they are ‘not a math person’. Much like anything else in life, math is accessible to those who seek to practice. There are so many opportunities in life available to people who have strong math skills.” Every student that has Mr. Peters has nothing but positive comments about his teaching, and him as a person.  Not only does Mr. Peters teach at Foran, but he is also a very active member in the Foran High community. Aside from teaching, Mr. Peters coached the wrestling team for seven years. He is currently the proud advisor of the after school Smash Club. Junior Mike Carroll, a member of Smash Club says, “Mr. Peters makes Smash Club extremely fun, especially because he plays Super Smash Brothers with us.” Outside of the Foran High community, Mr. Peters loves spending time with his wife and two children. Mr. Peters says, “Family is very important to me. We like camping, the beach, and anything else involving the outdoors.” He also hopes to get back into martial arts one day; something he had trained in before he became too busy in college. Overall, Mr. Peters offers so much to our school’s community; playing an active role in both the academics and the extracurricular. We are proud to have Mr. Peters as a part of our school.