What Is Art?

Khadija Ashfaq


Art is not a simple three letter word that means drawing and painting. In fact art is a broad range of everything we may just know as people. When asked, Mrs. Plude said, “Art is a part of our culture, as well as other cultures; it makes us who we are.” Art is something that symbolizes more than just paint brushes and sketch pads. Art symbolizes freedom, strength, creativity, and so much more. Of course such symbols vary from person to person. Mrs. Mikucki, one of the health teachers as well as the Giving Back Club Advisor, said, “Art symbolizes the evolution of human emotion.”

Since the beginning of time, art has been of existence. Whether that is through a song, a poem, a painting, a drawing, and even a simple photo that captivates the emotions that are felt by the photographer, it has existed.  Ms. Hudson said, “Even back to the earliest cave painting, artists, both visual and performing, have used their gift of creative expression to document cultures, document civilizations, challenge societal or political happenings, and/or challenge traditional thinking.”

That’s the beauty of art, it’s timeless. A painting painted fifty years ago will hold the same beauty it held at the time it was made. Over the course of this time, although the painting may have not changed, the way we look at might have. It’s the same concept when it comes to reading a book. A book read by an individual in high school will hold a specific meaning and message. Over time, as that person goes through the course of their life, they may re – read the same book. In that second reading new details will appear. Ones that were not read the first time around but are now perfectly clear. The meaning of the text will change as well as their personal interpretation. Some may not understand why such a thing occurs. The simple answer is that as we change and grow so do our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs leading us to see things in a different light.

Art is every book we’ve read, every movie we’ve watched, as well as every song we’ve listened to. All of these hold the emotions of the artist themselves as well as their vision. Mrs. Skutches said, “What art symbolizes is different for every person. It is based on their vision.” They gave the artist a sense of freedom, allowing them to run as far as their imagination allowed. Art holds no boundaries. There are no rules when it comes to art. It gives us the ability to push ourselves to limits we didn’t even know existed and then even farther than that. It is amazing how one picture, one painting, one song as well as poem can tell us so much about the person who was brave enough to put their hearts and souls on display for the world to see. That’s what also makes art interesting. There will never be two original pieces of art that are the same in meaning and execution. That also applies to the people taking in the work of the artists of our world. Two people will not see the same painting or photograph and interpret it the same. No two people will listen to the same song and get the same feeling from it either.

Every painting ever painted, every song ever sung, every poem ever written are inspired from the emotions and souls of their artists, allowing our interpretations to be skewed as well.  Art is not a simple term. Art is a term that holds everything we know.