Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie


Julia Wargo
Staff Writer

The well-known animated characters have returned in the new film, The Peanuts Movie. This film returned to theaters in Milford on November 6 2015. The childhood favorite characters include Charlie Brown and his sister Sally Brown, dog Snoopy, Snoopy’s sidekick Woodstock, best friend Linus, bossy friend Lucy, and many more.

peanutsThe Peanuts Movie starts out with the children receiving a phone call saying school is canceled due to the snowy weather – what every student wants to hear in the winter season. The kids of the neighborhood gather at the local pond and begin to play a game of pond hockey.

As the crew is playing hockey, Charlie Brown is attempting to fly a kite. He learns one thing from this failure: Never give up. Also believing in never giving up, Charlie soon attempts to try to impress the new girl who moved into town. Being head-over-heels in love within his first looks at her, Charlie tries his best throughout the movie to make himself more noticeable and wants to be the perfect guy to her.

There are foreshadowing messages from the beginning to the end. Some include, “It’s not often that you get to start over on a clean slate,” and “Charlie Brown is not a quitter.” At the very end of the movie, the new girl whom they refer to as ‘The Little Red-Haired Girl’ gives Charlie an insight as to the character traits he holds true to even though he may not know it. The traits include honesty, courage, passion and most importantly, never giving up.

Quality of any film is also an important factor in making it successful. This film had outstanding animations and color usage, coming together to make an unforgettable image in your mind.

Characters in the Charlie Brown series are distinct in the way they are drawn, especially when you look at the faces. The eyes of the characters are two dots and are in line with the nose: the mouth is far underneath.

Besides that, each character has a unique personality. Charlie Brown has the attitude of continuing to try no matter how many times he fails, Lucy has her boss-like style, Linus has his blanket and is always kind and inspires others, Schroeder has the piano you can always catch him playing.

Although certain films are geared toward certain age groups, the Peanuts Movie is an all-time favorite for all ages.

I saw this movie because I was very excited when I heard it came out and it is an all-time classic. It’s also something I watched as a child, and the movie brings me back to that time.