Winter Pep Rally

Julia Silvestri
Staff Writer

blueeeThe sophomores have done it again. After winning the fall pep rally, they came back and brought more enthusiasm, hype, and blue paint, taking down all the other classes and winning the winter pep rally. Sophomore president Ryan Luth is a proud holder of the spirit stick once again. The class of 2018 now has a record of 2-3.

Though the pep rally was delayed due to injury, all winter sports still got a chance to be announced by this year’s newest MC and FIT club member, TJ Stuart. Stuart did an awesome job keeping the teachers and students engaged. He stated, “Despite the unusual circumstance I thought everyone did a great job or being flexible and brought great energy for another successful pep rally.”
Students participated in relay races, a knock out game, a handstand contest and more, all created by this year’s winter sports teams. Besides those activities, the FIT club also put a few together for us to participate in. They implemented tug of war and a mummifying game. During our time in the gym, t-shirts were also thrown into the crowd.
Students, faculty and staff always look forward to spirit week and to pep rallies and we never are disappointed thanks to administration and the FIT club. We’ll see you all at the spring pep rally!