Fig’s Food and Fitness: January

Figs Food and Fitness: January

Gavrielle Figueiredo

Staff Writer

gavIt’s that time of the year again when everyone says “new year, new me” and reads off of the list of resolutions. Instead of rolling your eyes at the cliché of another year of making half fulfilled promises to yourself, discipline yourself to stick to your New Year’s resolution and prove yourself wrong.

Making these resolutions can sometimes be hard, and especially harder to change your old ways to become that better version of yourself. There are some tips to creating a reasonable resolution that won’t be given up on. First, think about what you’d really like to improve on this year, making new habits and getting rid of the old, bad ones. After you think of a small list of things that can be somewhat easily attained and fit into your either busy or slow paced schedule, think of what you’ll want to accomplish first. Resolutions should be something that happen throughout this upcoming year, so pick things that will change every day, slowly becoming those new habits.

An easy way to do this is taking a calendar or a piece of paper and writing what small thing you’d like to change each month. Do this in a way that you start with the most important thing for the beginning month, then each month adding a resolution to what you‘re already doing. For example, January, drink more water every day until it becomes a habit. February, make going to the gym a priority along with drinking more water daily. Fit this into your schedule: even a short run in the morning will make a big difference in how you perform throughout the day. March; get more sleep by going to bed early, drink more water, and exercise. Doing this will help you have that extra boost of energy during the day. April, eat more fruits, vegetables, and along with eating healthier cut out the processed foods. Now you already have a healthier body in time for the spring so you don’t have that winter body as you try to get ready for spring break.

New Year’s Resolutions are the equivalent of what your teachers tell you in school. When you know you’re going to have a test, you’re going to study a little every day. Slowly adding to what you already know, you make it so when it comes to the test you’re ready and not scrambling last minute trying to cram. Think of that test date spring break when you go off to Florida beaches and you want to feel good. In order to get to that in a healthy way, these habits should be started earlier on.

I hope everyone sticks to their resolutions this year, stay golden Foran.