What’s Appening? January


Gavrielle Figueiredo

Gavrielle Figueiredo

Staff Writer

Columns whats appening GFHaving a hard time pulling yourself out of your bed in the morning to get ready for school? With the cold weather bringing out our inner hibernation, it tends to be a struggle to motivate yourself to get out from under the toasty blankets. With the heavy sleepers the struggle is hitting the snooze button half asleep. People usually sleep with their phone nearby either on a dresser or plugged in, so why not have an app that helps you get out of bed in the morning?

No need to worry about snoozing your alarm and missing school with this new app called Mathe Alarm Clock; it’ll have you wanting to get out of bed.

This new app has made an incentive to turn your alarm off using the power of how much people don’t like math problems, especially right when they wake up. The alarm clock is a regular alarm clock that allows you to snooze, but in order to snooze you must do a number of math problems to shut off the alarm. There are different levels of math that can be chosen, along with the number of problems you’d like to set for the snooze button. This app is free in the app store and is completely customizable. The alarm can be set to a ringtone you choose or even your own music.

A student who has had problems getting up and hitting the snooze button too many times, Julia Ziemer, decided to try out the app to help her get up.  She said, “It’s amazing, it was able to wake me up in time so that I even had extra time in the morning.”

This app can be bought on the app store for IPhone and Samsung phones.

Mathe Alarm Clock was rated 4.5 stars by user ratings and seems to be helping many people get up in the morning according to the user reviews.

Other people, such as other Foran students, have begun to use the app since it’s been found and have had only positive reviews. This is a great way to wake your brain up in the morning. You’ll start to hate the alarm clock because of the math right when you wake up, but you’ll learn to love the feeling of relaxation of no longer having to rush to school in the morning.