Indoor Track

Shannon Flynn

Staff Writer

Cross country has come to an end, but for many runners that doesn’t mean their sport is over; indoor track is just beginning with a promising season ahead. Coaches Mr. Raucci and Mr. Jambor are looking forward to another season with a new group of skillful freshmen along with other experienced runners from years before. Captains this year are seniors Sarah Barrett and Erin Dillman for the girls’ team and seniors Bobby McGinnis and Cedrick Lingane for the boys’ team.

Lingane is especially looking forward to the season and becoming a bonded team. He says, “I’m looking forward to everyone working hard, improving as a team, and most importantly, having fun competing.” Boys’ captain, McGinnis is also ready to run as a senior this year. He says that although the team has a lot of work to do, he sees a lot of potential in the group, and says, “I am confident that when we step on the track our competitors will see us as a threat.”  He, along with all the seniors, are ready to build a good name and reputation for Foran on and off the track.

This season will be packed with different events and runners, with 70 students including both boy and girl runners. This year’s season will go from the first meet at the end of January to late February and both coaches are eager to start. Mr. Raucci says he is looking forward to the season and hopes for, “success for all the runners and for a lot of kids to make states.” Indoor track will also be a good experience for anyone involved because although similar, indoor and outdoor track have several differences.

Not only does indoor track offer different events for the runners, but as Mr. Raucci says, it keeps all the kids in shape for the approaching outdoor season starting this spring. For many nonstop runners who compete in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track, indoor can be a well needed change of scenery. As the gym and hallways take the place of the track it can be fun to have a different experience while competing in the sport you love.

Sophomore Kiersten Conner ran last year in outdoor, this fall in cross country, and is also participating in this indoor season and outdoor. This will be her first indoor season and she says her cross country and outdoor track put her into good shape for indoor. Conner says, “After track I got in shape and decided I would try cross country, which made running so much easier.”

Although it may seem constant competing would become repetitive to practice all year long, Conner can’t get enough and says her coaches and friends on the team help during any hard days or meets. She also says that, “each season feels a little different than the last.”

Both coaches this year are very experienced in the sport as well as working together. Years ago Mr. Jambor coached Mr. Raucci as a student as opposed to working alongside him. Mr. Jambor ran Mr. Raucci in several events including the 400, 4 by 4, and at one point the 4 by 8, which Mr. Raucci explained laughing, didn’t go as well as the others. Now this January the two will be coaching side by side for Mr. Raucci’s fourth year.