Wrestlers Raise Money For Autism Awareness, Look to Improve Record



Jules Tuozzola

Staff Writer

Gino Esposito and Ryan Luth prepare for tonight

Foran Wrestling has been working on both their take-downs in the wrestling room, and helping to raise money for autism awareness. The wrestlers have put their heart and soul not only into a successful season, but also into raising money and awareness for autism.

The wrestlers have been rocking their Autism Awareness Night tee-shirts throughout school. These shirts are sold at all of the home meets, along with candy and drinks. All of the proceeds go to a designated autism awareness organization.

Autism is something that affects more than 200,000 people per year in the U.S. The rates of autism have steadily increased throughout the years. It is important and necessary that everyone understand and raise awareness for autism. The wrestling team chose this organization in order to spread awareness and to contribute to a cause that affects many people.

Wrestling manager Hannah Pouliot speaks about the Autism Awareness  meet on January 27. Pouliot says, “I can tell it is going to be a great meet and my hope is that everyone comes to support our wrestlers and to support this cause.” Pouliot says that a way you can help donate is to come to the meet and donate your time, and to pick up a tee-shirt or candy bar while you’re there.

“This meet, and the fundraising for this cause, really builds a sense of community within our school,” she said. “It’s great because it teaches student-athletes the importance of making time to give back amidst their hectic schedules.”

The wrestlers chose this organization to support because they feel that it is something that is important to recognize and raise awareness about. Wrestler Colby Stuart says, “This is a fantastic cause. It’s good to help and work towards something more than wrestling. It’s something that unites our team in a positive and great way.”

Stuart also encourages everyone to come out to the meet and support the wrestling team as well as the cause.

The wrestling team will be facing Shelton.

Gino Esposito says it should be a great match and everyone should come out to watch. Esposito also adds, “Our goal as a team is to obviously win the meet, but our bigger goal is to help raise awareness about autism, and help those with autism and autism research.”

Make sure to buy a shirt, and attend the Autism Awareness meet on January