Model UN Snowed Out


Victor Rosado

Staff Writer

Model UN Trip PhotoThe Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) weekend conference that fell from Thursday January 21 through Sunday January 24 was a success. Although it was cut short due to inclement weather many of the students said that they still had fun and learned better skills from the conference. For those who do not know what model UN is, it is a replication of the real United Nations committee in the world. Students are placed into panels of issues for example global warming, or ISIS regime. Then those students have to choose a country or organization to be represented as and argue on behalf of that entity (with similar views as that country or organization) to find a solution to the problem. The Teacher advisor is Mrs. Gilman and she brought 20 students with her to this Yale Model UN conference.  Chris Flynn who is a model UN student said, “ It was great to have a chance to debate on really in depth issues with really knowledgeable people, and it was really disappointing that it was canceled halfway through”.  Molly Flanagan also stated “I’m really glad I was able to be a part of Model UN. Despite the unfortunate series of events that occurred due to the inclement weather at Yale, the conference as a whole was very exciting. I met a lot of people from around the world who put aside their own cultures and beliefs to pass lasting resolutions that would better the world. My favorite part of YMUN was visiting Yale and exploring the campus., such as the Gallery of Arts.”