Students Get Involved With Helping Hands


Julia Wargo

Staff Writer

shepForan High is home to numerous clubs and activities that are filled with entertainment, as well as being provided with an excellent learning opportunity. Many students are unaware of these clubs at Foran, but the ones who chose to participate with these groups gain an excessive amount of information including learning about regions around the world and how to interact themselves with others. One of those fun-filled clubs, available to all students, is Helping Hands.

This organization at Foran is headed by world language teacher, Mrs. Sheppard, and run by students including seniors Samantha Bennett, Barbara Shehata, and Alexa Newall.

It all started two years ago, when this club was first introduced to Foran. As a sophomore, Barbara Shehata founded this organization and plans on continuing it for her remaining two years at Foran.

Shehata says, “Helping Hands is a community service club that helps the less fortunate or those who live in places with poor conditions. We are helping the kids who live in the Northern hemisphere; those who live close to our own home.”

Last year, the Helping Hands club consisted of 15 members. This year, 35 more students joined; a grand total of 50 students.

Shehata adds, “Last month we helped out with the Special Olympics team, and this month we are introducing a project called the Pulsera Project.”

Last month in December for about two weeks, the Helping Hands club sold bracelets made by children in third world countries. The club members add, “We are helping to raise money for these countries by selling these bracelets to students at Foran. The money will be used in the countries for education and occupational purposes, as well as attempting to better their countries’ community.”

The Helping Hands club at Foran is not as large as a normal organization would be, Shehata explained. “It is rather small, but we still do a lot of helping out in the communities located in other countries.”

Helping Hands club meets in Mrs. Sheppard’s room, 338, which is located in blue hall. Meetings are held on “F” days, unless otherwise noted of change. The teachers administered in the club will give out notices or email the students regarding the changes made.