Hype For Hoops


Jules Tuozzola

Staff Writer

Rec Basketball JTThere is an intense and at times alarming rivalry between Foran recreation basketball teams. Fans are constantly kept on their toes as everyone awaits the announcement of which team will become the 2016 rec basketball champions. The Thunderchickens, Moneyteam, and Wizards all claim they have the talent, drive, and spirit to conquer and obtain the crown.

Who will rise to the occasion?

Junior Jake Strom speaks on behalf of the Moneyteam. “Our record is 1-2 and we are currently on a winning streak. We just beat the best team in the league, the 6ers.” Strom expresses the idea that the Moneyteam has adopted a strong sense of confidence as a result of this win. He believes this recently gained morale will motivate and provide the Moneyteam with great reassurance, as they face difficult teams in the near future. Strom also expresses the importance of practice, “We practice every Tuesday, East Shore, at 6:30 p.m.” When asked where their team name originated from, Strom precisely answered, “We get money. That is all.”

The Wizards are proud of their accomplishments, and are certainly not shy about displaying it. Junior Quinn Oliver argues that his team, the Wizards, are without a doubt the best team in the league. Oliver assuredly comments, “Have you seen our record? We’re undefeated.” When asked how the team manages to be so successful, Oliver responds, “It’s because we’re fire. Our success is from splashing trays and getting buckets.” Wizard fan, junior, Kyra Angileri explains why she is confident that the Wizards have what it takes to win. “It’s liberating to watch them play. They are going to win because they won last year and they really are a talented team.” Fan, Kevin Kwalek states, “The Wizards have a core line up that makes them unstoppable.” Be sure to attend a Wizards game and check out what all this hype is about!

Fan of the Thunderchickens, Senior, Luke Gibbs provides insight on the season and pre-game rituals. Gibbs says, “They didn’t come out very strong, but they continue to work hard.” Gibbs announced that a common pre-game ritual for the Thunderchickens is to watch the movie Semi-pro, as it motivates the players and ignites them with the desire to win. One of the Thunderchickens main players, Bryan Firmender, discusses some natural gifts the team possesses. “We’re naturally talented. We all have God-given athleticism.” The Thunderchickens record is currently 1-1 and they are looking to increase their total wins immensely.

With all teams having at least 1 win under their belt, this championship will be one that is fought hard. All Foran rec basketball teams portray the integrity, and devotion of that of a champion.

The fate of the future lies within each teams hands. Who will prove to have what it takes to be the 2016, Rec League Champion?