What’s In Your iPhone? Popular Apps Around Foran

Madison Whitaker

Staff Writer

The most popular iPhone apps at Foran are Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Some people have different apps that few people have even heard of before. Senior Olivia Hayes says, “I have so many apps, but my favorites that I always use on a daily basis are Skype, Music.ly and What’s App.” Music.ly is a music app where you can make videos of yourself lip scynching to your favorite songs for twenty seconds. The “What’s App” is another way to message people without using too much data. The app provides certain phone numbers that help you connect to other people in your contacts. You can also send recordings to your friends.

One new app that recently came out in 2016, is called “Cash”. This app could be useful for you if you are the type of person who always forgets to bring enough money when you are going out to eat or to the movies. “Cash” can simply pay for you when you type in the price of whatever you want to buy and it goes straight to your bank for payment. It’s like an electric debit card right on your phone!

Mrs. Dooley has an  iPhone  and she has “Pandora, which is my favorite. I also have some games for my kids that can keep them entertained for hours. Another one of my favorite apps is Pinterest. I love looking at some cool little crafts that I can do with my kids or with my whole family.”

Another useful app for ELL students is “Google Translate”. This app allows them to type in English translations into their native language so they can understand it better. The reverse can happen very well too for some students who go to other countries to visit. They can easily type in what they want to say in certain languages and understand what they have to say and how to say it. For example, for the students who are going to Europe for April break, they  might want to use this helpful app for the trip.

Mrs. Pellegrino has some apps as well, “I have a lot of TV apps such as ABC, the History Channel and Youtube. I also have some trivia games and song apps. I’ve always wanted a weather app, but I don’t know which one to get yet. I have Facebook, Twitter and some E-book apps.”

There are many other apps out there new this year that have been created based on people’s’ interests and needs. It is up to people to do their own exploring depending on what they want on their phone because apps will continue to evolve.