Big Bad Brutus Brings the Pride

lion mascot
Brutus the mascot gets ready to get the crowd excited at a Foran football game. 

Jake Burwell

Staff Writer

          Whether it be at pep-rallies, football games, or another sports’ event, there is always one iconic figure depicting Foran’s spirit in attendance. The Foran lion. Since 1973, when the school was established, the perky mascot has been hyping up students and faculty with tons of pride at any Foran event you could think of. But, there is one longing question regarding the beloved mascot; what’s his name? According to an online source the lion is named after Joseph A. Foran’s grandfather Brutus B. Foran giving the lions name more meaning. Senior, Michael Shannon, who often wears the lion costume at events says “I never even knew that the lions name was Brutus, I’m in shock.”  Shannon, like most students, also didn’t know that the art students are the ones to keep the costume in a good roaring condition. Not many people know of the lions name, therefore many question the reliability of it. Mr. Vitelli said he knew of the name because it was discovered about six years past on the web. Lion Pride is always in the Foran community’s spirit events because even something as simple as the lion costume brings different people together. So next time you see Brutus the lion at an event, make sure you say hi! Now you can say you know a little more about the history of the perky mascot.