Reporter on the street- Seniors Face College Stress


mrs. Wunder
Photos courtesy of Gianna Cruciani shows Mrs. Wunder, from the college and career center in guidance, who one can visit for all college stresses and needs.

In a time of stress and forms and applications, stress is at an all time high. However, many teens underestimate the effects of their stress.  It is crucial to stay positive and focus on what you are excited for.

Ethan Skuches , a senior, says the most stressful thing right now is, “ Waiting to hear back from colleges because I sent in my applications so early so now I have to wait.” However what Skuches is looking forward to most is, “ Leaving Connecticut and getting used to a new setting with new people.”

Ava Corsi is looking forward to making new friends and living on her own and she is stressed out by, “ Having to meet deadlines for applications for multiple colleges and having to simultaneously get them to guidance.”

Meghan Dunn, is very stressed about acceptance and finding the right major for her. However, Dunn is extremely excited about the independence that comes with going off to college.

Lia Bonfietti-Chvinka, like many other students, is stressed out about the financial aspect of applying to colleges. Bonfietti-Chvinka can’t wait to be on her own and make friends in a new environment.

There is a common trend, the stress was making an impact.  According to the American Psychological Association students who are stressed tend to experience headaches, anxiety, insomnia, among many others.  The Mayo Clinic website states that stress can be relieved by getting exercise, eating healthy, meditating, laughing more, and getting enough sleep.

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One of the most visited websites of high school seniors:The Common Application, Foran Guidance page, Naviance, and College Board.