Band Students Raving About Jazz Band

Entertainment Band Students Raving About Jazz Band Lucas Burgard
Nate Garofano, senior, playing the trombone at a jazz band rehearsal on February 12, 2018. Photo taken by Casey Coon.

Lucas Burgard

Staff Writer


Every Monday night at 6:45, the building empties out as practices begin to end; however tucked away in the music hall, you can hear laughter and upbeat jazz. Its jazz band rehearsal.

For students who may be unaware, jazz band is an audition-based music ensemble open to anyone in the concert band. The group plays unique, higher level pieces of music, meant to challenge the students. Being an jazz band is an honorable position, as students have to prove themselves as musicians to earn a spot. Jazz students have to put in hard work and dedication, at home and during rehearsals.

Having to practice their jazz pieces along with their concert/marching band pieces, can be stressful for students. “It can be a lot of work sometimes,” says sophomore Matt Mullen, “you really have to show Mrs. Shearer that you have been practicing.” Students in the jazz band perform all different types of advanced jazz music to expand their abilities, which can make things more challenging. “It’s considered a more rigorous ensemble,” says Mrs. Shearer, jazz band conductor, “Every student is one on a part, which makes it more competitive.” One on a part means that each student has their own part.

However for students like Casey Coon, sophomore, jazz band is about more than just the music. “It’s been a great time,” he says, “I’m friends with everyone there and it’s always fun to spend my Monday nights with them.” The friendships, according to students, make all of the hard work worth it. “My favorite part about jazz is that I get to spend time with my friends doing what I love for 2 hours,” says Mullen.

Over the last few years jazz students have been flooded with accomplishments. Just this year, Ryan Farrell, junior, along with only five other student musicians in the state, has made all state in jazz band.

For students interested in seeing the jazz band perform, the group plays at the winter and spring concerts. Every spring, the jazz band puts on a concert in the cafeteria entitled “Pasta and Jazz.” This year the event will take place on May 18.