Yodeling Boy Makes it Big

Mason Ramsey takes a picture with Justin Bieber at Coachella. Photo courtesyNat  Lim- Gett Images.

Natasha Mora

Staff Writer

            As many may know, Mason Ramsey, also known as the ‘Walmart Yodeling Kid,’ became famous off of yodeling to a song in the middle of a Walmart. This 11 year old boy became a viral meme, that soon led to remixes of his yodeling. The remixes prolonged his fame, and soon enough he was able to make it on Ellen. There, he performed on television, and received a 10,000 scholarship for when he goes to college. Afterwards performed for thousands of people at an annual music festival called Coachella. Recently, on Spotify Mason Ramsey released a new song called, ‘Famous.’ He now has a Nashville record deal, and has made himself very well known. What does the public think about him?

             Senior Arianna Chen, says, “I love him, I already know the chorus to his song and I blast it while driving home.” Juliana Milewski, also a senior at Foran, says that, “He is kind off annoying but the EDM remix of his yodeling bops.” Finally, Lindsey Brooks, comments on Mason, “Love that kid. I listen to him all the time to be honest.” Mason Ramsey has become known world wide due to how young, cute, and talented he is, and this is definitely just the beginning of his success.