What to look forward to on Black Friday


Photo courtesy of American Marketing Association

Isabel Messore

Staff Writer

         Black Friday is an American shopping tradition ending Thanksgiving festivities and beginning the winter holidays. Although it may be tempting to start Christmas shopping, waiting until Black Friday could save a lot of money.

         Electronics are always hot on the market. Many companies are reluctant to lower sales during the regular year. However, companies such as Apple make exceptions for Black Friday, lowering their prices for customers. Video gaming systems are a great deal to come across, since many kids are interested in gaming. Junior, Maxine Lynch, says “Every year for Christmas my mom gets me some sort of new electronic, a phone, computer, T.V. She usually goes out on Black Friday to get them.” Going shopping on Black Friday could decrease the hassle of Christmas shopping.

          Clothing is a major sales point on Black Friday. Many clothes are discounted to a convenient price during the holiday. Outlets, malls, and shops often lower their prices to attract business. Sophomore, Madison Debaise, says “Every year my friends and I go out late and go shopping. We always get a lot of clothes.” Black Friday would be a great time to go winter shopping.

         Vacations booked during Black Friday have significantly reduced prices. Considering the major expenses that come with a vacation. Sophomore, Soledad Meade, states “My parents booked my sister and I a vacation during Black Friday for our joined Christmas present. I think it’s better to have one big present than a bunch of little things.”

         The reduced prices during Black Friday make it an easy opportunity to stock up on gifts for the holidays.