Getting Ready for the Snow


Photo taken by A.Grigorjeva. Driving in the snow can be challenging, especially for new drivers. Stay safe!

Deanna Dempsey

Staff Writer

Snow season and getting prepared to deal with tons of snow can be challenging and overwhelming. There are a lot of things to start doing while winter approaches. Let’s start with your car. In your car you should have a windshield scraper as this will help get snow and ice of the windshield so you can see. You should have blankets, gloves, hats, and scarves just in case the snow comes and you don’t  expect it. Also you should keep windshield washer fluid in the vehicle because it will prevent freezing so you can see. Mike from Autozone suggests, “Make sure they have new windshield wipers, defrost when they’re up and about in the snow.” Sunglasses could also be good to store in the car because the snow is white and it reflects brightly so sunglasses can help dim that brightness, so you can concentrate more on the road. The last thing your car should contain is salt/sand/kitty litter, these items can help get your car out of snow or ice because it will melt whatever is blocking your path. New drivers should also be aware of the snow because it may be their first time driving in harsh conditions. Mike gave good advice, “Drive slow and don’t be on the road unless you have to be.”

Photo taken by Albert Burneko. Make sure you are safe while driving and have full focus on the road, though it may be very hard to see.

During this season you should be equipped for emergency situations. There are items you can store away for future situations that may involve you not being able to leave the house. The first item you should have stored away is a stock of food that needs no cooking or refrigeration because if you lose power you won’t be able to cook the food. If you know a storm is coming it is a good idea to make sure all electronics are fully charged. Also make sure you have some sort of generator so you can provide at least a little power. Finally, make sure all pets are inside and safe. Trevanna Kandrach says, “The snow can be pretty scary. Usually my family and I start by taking the snowblower and the generator out from the shed. We always have hats and gloves accessible so if we leave and there is snow, we can be warm.” Many people take different actions, but they do these things to prepare for the cold winter.

You might want to consider buying some useful items that could potentially benefit you for winter and the coldest season of the year. These items include a heavy duty coat, for those days you have to sit out in the snow and shovel, a durable pair of snow boots, you want a pair that will last a long time, and a set of flannel sheets so you can sleep comfortably and warm at night. No one would know a good winter wardrobe better than Kailey Loewenberg, who has already finished her winter shopping. “At the midway point of every November I start to go shopping for my cold weather apparel. I buy my winter coat, hats, gloves, scarves, fuzzy socks, long sleeve shirts, fleece clothing, and my family and I load up on hot chocolate and tea so we can make it for the snow days.” Loewenberg has her winter all planned out and she is ready to fight the cold, brutal snow!