A look into Classes for the Class of 2023


Pictured above, eighth graders at Harborside, Tyler Vinahis and Andrew Roy at the elective fair held for next years incoming freshmen!

Becca Palermo

Staff writer

Over two hundred middle schoolers from both East Shore and Harborside visited Foran on Friday, March 15th to get a look into classes they could take during their years in high school through an elective fair.
Jakob Rosengrant, head of Guidance at Foran, who also ran the event for the incoming Freshman, explained, “All 8th grade students that are slated to enroll at Foran High School next year were invited to come see what opportunities they had in regards to the course selection process. Just as the current Foran students are selecting their courses for next, so too, are the 8th graders.” He also went on to add what he hopes the students gained from the elective fair and what benefits it had, “If I can just pinpoint one notion that I hope each 8th grade student that visited Foran High School today walks away with; it would be choice and opportunity! They have the opportunity to set a pathway for themselves by choosing the correct elective courses, specifically for them. Today was about making informed decisions and being exposed to what certain classes have to offer- it’s always more exciting to see projects and speak with current students than to read a three sentence write up that tries to capture the essence of a semester or, possibly, year long course.”
Many students are already planning ahead for the classes they wish to take in high school and talked about what they are looking forward to. Eighth grader at East Shore, Violet Wilson shared, “I want to take robotics, and I also want to take classes like personal finance to help me with life in the future!”
Wynter Guerini, currently in eighth grade at Harborside said “I’m looking forward to taking music classes, such as guitar and I’m excited.”
Tyler Vinhais, student at Harborside, stated “I’m excited for the lunch, and I’m also excited to take classes like power tech and entrepreneurship.”
Speaking with students at Foran and getting to see projects they had made some students even more excited to take the classes! Student at Harborside, Andrew Roy, said “I’m excited to take power tech, it interests me and sounds fun.”
Some students, such as Mirza Fahmida, eighth grader who plans on attending Foran next year, included what she is nervous about concerning high school, “Tests, and especially midterms seem stressful on top of volunteering and having a lot of work to do.” She also talked about what she is looking forward to for high school “I want to take classes like photography, film and child development.”