Farewell to Mr. Brennan

Mr. Brennan in the halls of Foran High School. Photo courtesy of Amanda Broccoli.

Staff Writer

Jess Anderson

As we bid adieu to the graduating class of 2019, we also say goodbye to Assistant Principal Mr. Sean Brennan. Father of two and faculty member for 13 years, Brennan says farewell to the Foran community so close to his heart. Soon to be principal of John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Mr. Brennan has spent his career at Foran from teaching math to acting as Dean of Students.

According to school officials, Brennan has served in a wide range of roles in the Milford Public School system as a teacher, department head, dean of students, and now serves as an assistant principal at Foran High School.

“In his more recent personal academic pursuits and in his work for the district, Mr. Brennan has spent significant time in classrooms at the elementary level,” states an announcement from School Supt. Dr. Anna Cutaia.

Brennan received his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Southern Connecticut State University in 2005 with a minor concentration in education. In 2007, he received a Master of Science degree in special education, also from SCSU, focusing on the education of children with autism spectrum disorders. He also received a Master of Arts degree in holistic thinking from the Graduate Institute in 2009. He later received his intermediate administrator certificate in educational leadership 2014 from SCSU, according to school officials.

“The opportunity to develop leadership skills was ever-present for Mr. Brennan and he eagerly engaged in this work during the past 13 years,” Dr. Cutaia says in her message about Brennan’s new post. “He has extensive experience in writing and revising curriculum, analyzing data, and serving on a variety of school and district-based committees, such as the Student Assistance Team and the district’s Professional Learning Committee.” According to Mr. Max Berkowitz, school principal, “ Mr. Brennan has done an outstanding job as assistant principal at Foran. His dedication to our students and the entire school community has been unwavering. While there is no doubt he will be a great principal, he will be sorely missed. We wish him all the best in the future.”

Brennan said he will remember many aspects of his years at Foran High School, from the pep rallies, to the concerts and teaching, and everything that the faculty and students have done for the school since he has been here.

“It’s hard to pinpoint one memory overall,” he adds. “All the students always impressed me and are kind even when no one’s watching.”

Brennan suggested that his replacement should get as involved as possible, learn as much about the staff and students, and build relationships. “Listen, listen to the community at Foran to make you better at your position within the school,” Brennan advises. “Do what’s in the best interest of the students.”

On his journey to JFK Elementary school, located right here in Milford, Brennan hopes to build new connections and meet new faculty and students in his new acting role as principal. His new job will allow him to “Take a look at education from all perspectives” from experience in the high school to now, elementary. “The focus is still the best interest for the students, and as principal, the responsibility falls upon you to have a final say on all decisions”, adds Brennan.

When we ring in the new school year this fall, the Foran community shall welcome the new Assistant Principal with open arms and wish Mr. Sean Brennan a good luck and a thank you for his years dedicated to the students and faculty at Joseph A. Foran High School and his future at JFK elementary.

“Mr. Brennan is a firm believer in setting the bar high and — through building an environment of trust, support, and positivity – all will be supported to meet that bar,” Dr. Cutaia added.