All Girls Cast of Ghostbuster

All Girls Cast of Ghostbuster

Eva Knudsen

Staff Writer

ghostbusters-character-posters-600x350This July the revamped Ghostbusters movie is said to be released. There haven’t been any definite ideas on what the whole plot will be. Some sources say that the plot will sail close to the original with Wiig and McCarthy playing a pair of authors who write a flop book about ghosts being real. After the books popularity dies down, Wiig becomes a teacher but the book resurfaces. When ghosts actually materialize and threaten the people of New York then Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon, and Jones team up to vanquish them.  Some other guest stars in the movie include, Chris Hemsworth, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, and Cecily Strong.

Claudia Ross, a freshman, says, “I’m excited about the movie coming out because of the new female leads which is really empowering.”

In an Entertainment Weekly interview Kristen Wiig says, “Paul [Feig] was involved so that was the first thing that intrigued me. Then I read the script, and and he and Katie Dippold just wrote a really smart, funny story. I just thought all the characters were great. The nods to the first two [movies] are so subtle and respectful and funny. I really fell in love with the script.” She seems very excited to release the movie this upcoming July.