Foran Football Celebrates Senior Night

Katherine Riordan

Staff Writer

Tonight is Senior Night for the Foran Football team and cheerleaders! The game starts at 6:55 pm at home. Senior Night ceremonies will begin promptly at 6:40 so make sure you show up early! The Foran Lions will play against the Guilford Indians. The team is confident about how they will play tonight. Jake Kasuba, senior and the team’s quarterback, said “I expect the team to have a good game and hopefully win on senior night because it’s a special night.” The Lions are focusing on their gameplay and how they execute their plays. Sam Kopatch, Junior, said “I think we should win if we cut down on our careless mistakes and work harder and we got to get it for our seniors.Matt Carrano, Senior and plays defense, said “If we do all of our jobs right we should be able to beat this team. I think Jake (Kasuba), Stephen (Longely) and the offense should do well against the other teams defense and we will give it our all on senior night.” The Lions have their eye on a win tonight and will give it all for their seniors. Good luck to all the Seniors and the other players!