Highlighting the Newest Addition to Downtown Milford: Flipside Burgers & Bar


Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Larese, taken October 8th right outside the restaurant, advertising the address and burgers/ drinks.

Maddie DeBiase and Lindsey Larese

      A new restaurant in downtown Milford has already gained attention and become known for its menu selection and service. Flipside Burgers & Bar, located on your local Milford Green, at 1 Schooner Lane, is a place to go if you’re looking for a bite to eat.

      Customers have been raving about the new eatery; a 2019 graduate of Foran High School, Amanda Schuld says, “I have been to Flipside two times and I enjoyed the outside seating on the deck because of the pretty view of the harbor.”

      Flipside of Milford is one of the two restaurants located in CT. With the first location being in Fairfield, another location adds a new place for everyone to enjoy the variety of 20 different burger choices. The unique selection for customizable burgers makes this restaurant stand out from other burger bars in the area. Even though Flipside is known for their burgers, they also have some healthy and not-so-healthy options. They serve salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, and mac and cheese. 

      Senior Amaya Bernal explains, “I enjoyed the Mac and Cheese burger and loved the fact that I can substitute any kind of bun that I prefer, like the pretzel bun.”

      An employee at Flipside Jojo Kyek, a graduate from Foran High school, comments on her experience ,“the environment is very positive and my favorite part of working there is spending time with my co-workers.” Kyek recommends the chip n dip burger, that comes with caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and homemade potato chips with french onion dip.

Those who are interested in an appetizing meal, promoting unique burgers, salads, mac and cheese, and pizzas be aware that there is 20% gratuity automatically added on to your check.

      FOR MORE INFORMATION… http://flipsiderestaurant.com/milford/menus.php