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Maddie DeBiase

Maddie DeBiase, Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Maddie DeBiase and I am a senior at Foran High School. I have been playing on the volleyball team for 4 years now. During my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and make new memories. I’m excited to be part of Mane Street Mirror for my last year at Foran!

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Micalizzi Italian Ice logo. Photo Courtesy: Alex Vazzano.

Micalizzi’s Italian Ice

Iconic Landmark Opens in Our Community
Sarah Moustafa and Maddie DeBiase | May 20, 2021

     A family owned business - Micalizzi´s Italian Ice - opened in downtown Milford on May 19. This addition to the center of our town is located at 1 River Street. Owner, Jay Piccirillo, is known as "The Ice Man" and is working with his partners, Alex Vazzano, John Vazzano, Rick Vazanno, and Vincent...

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Ms. Abbigail Blanchard happy to be here at Foran. Photo Courtesy of Abbigail Blanchard.

Welcoming the New “Addition” to the Foran Community: Ms. Abbigail Blanchard

Maddie DeBiase and Lindsey Larese | March 2, 2021

     With the start of the 2021 school year, former math teacher at Foran High School, Mr. Adam Kelly, has decided to pursue a new career as a firefighter. With this change, Ms. Abbigail Blanchard has been welcomed to Foran as the new math teacher.      Blanchard grew up in Stonington, Connecticut,...

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Jacquelyn Larese celebrating the fourth of July in the year of 2019. Photo Courtesy of Jacquelyn Larese.

Foran Alumni Spotlight: Jacquelyn Larese’s Journey

Maddie DeBiase and Sarah Casey | December 22, 2020

     Graduate of 2019 from Foran High School, Jacquelyn Larese, used her time in quarantine to begin her weight loss journey. Prior to the lockdown Larese did not have many goals in her life. She lived her days in the same routine of going to school and attending her job at Jimmies of Savin Rock,...

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Foran High School´s Vito DeVito Field.  Where the 2020 Thanksgiving game would have been held. Photo Courtesy: Lindsey Larese.

Feelin’ Some Type of Way About Thanksgiving 2020

Lindsey Larese and Maddie DeBiase | November 19, 2020

     The annual match between Jonathan Law and Foran High School’s football teams on Thanksgiving Day has been canceled this year due to Covid-19. Every year on Thanksgiving, a game is held at either Foran or Law’s home field, depending on the year, and the two rival football teams go head-to-head...

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Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Larese, taken October 8th right outside the restaurant, advertising the address and burgers/ drinks.

Highlighting the Newest Addition to Downtown Milford: Flipside Burgers & Bar

Maddie DeBiase and Lindsey Larese | October 13, 2020

      A new restaurant in downtown Milford has already gained attention and become known for its menu selection and service. Flipside Burgers & Bar, located on your local Milford Green, at 1 Schooner Lane, is a place to go if you’re looking for a bite to eat.       Customers have been...

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 Phase 3 schedule. Photo courtesy of Mr. Berkowitz

The Switch to Online Schooling

Milford moves into 3-Phase Program
Maddie DeBiase and Sarah Casey | April 13, 2020

        Due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, every public school across the country has been shut down. For this reason, schools have switched from traditional classroom learning to online schooling.         Milford Public Schools are currently closed until at least May 20, 2020,...

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The peer assist class makes fruit salad. Photo courtesy of Bernadette Sobel.

Offering a Helping Hand

Maddie DeBiase and Sarah Casey | February 7, 2020

       The peer-assist classes offered at Foran High School allow students to interact with and help other students in the class with disabilities. The different types of peer assist classes offered consist of peer-assist culinary, gym, and music.         Mrs. Bernadette Sobel, the culinary...

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