Student Spotlight: Gino Esposito

Juliana Tuozzola

Staff Writer

Student Spotlight: Gino Esposito

Gino Esposito is well known for being a tremendous student-athlete at Foran. Whether you follow up on his inspirational tweets, know him personally, or have heard of Gino Esposito, it is easily concluded that he is both determined in the aspect of academics and athletics. A student who has experienced the wonders of being a successful student and athlete, and has also been face-to-face with the difficulties, he shares how he keeps himself on top of his game while providing personal insight on his life and goals.

Student Spotlight JTEsposito sums up the components of being and becoming an accomplished student athlete with three words: discipline, sacrifice, and dedication. He says, “You must be willing to sacrifice.” Esposito also adds, “I’m pretty self-motivated. I want to be the best in everything I do and trying to be the best motivates me to work hard and remain disciplined. I set big goals for myself and those goals drive me every day.”

Esposito emphasizes and communicates the importance of self-motivation. The reason why he is an outstanding wrestler and intelligent student is owed to the fact that he motivates himself, understands and clearly determines his goals, and works diligently every day.

Being a student athlete comes with its hardships. Esposito says, “Being a student athlete is very hard. The time management aspect is so important ‑ I usually work out twice a day and getting in those workouts while trying to do all my homework/studying, and on top of that get eight hours of sleep, takes a lot of discipline. I have to stay motivated all the time to put in the work, even when I don’t feel like it.”

The basis of Esposito’s success as a student and athlete is due to the fact that he constantly uses motivation and discipline to guide him through his work whether it be school or sports.

Esposito not only is self-motivated and disciplined, but also very organized. He says, “At the beginning of each week, I write out a detailed, time-oriented schedule. Having a plan in anything you do is very important in my opinion. I plan out the week so I know when I am going to get my workouts in, and when I am going to do my homework and study, and when I have time for everything else in between.” One of Esposito’s favorite quotes is “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” He believes in setting high goals, and sees that he always has a plan for how these goals will be achieved.

“If you want to be a student athlete you should begin by writing down your goals,” he suggested. “What do you want to achieve in the sport you play? You should visualize and think about your goals each day; they should motivate you.”

Writing down and creating a relationship with your goals is key to success. He also says, “It takes an extreme amount of discipline, hard work, and time management to balance the two, but that is what it takes if you want to be the best.”