Fencing Club

Victor Rosado

Staff Writer

fencing clubThe Milford Fencing Club is back! Club manager Chris Hiza says “We hope and expect to have a lot more fencers this year, and make this year very successful.” The practices are Tuesday night at Law cafeteria from 7-9pm and on Thursday at Foran cafeteria from 7-9pm.  There will be around 18 different scrimmages and tournaments this season. One of those most important thing that the Chris Hiza wants you to know is that “we love new first time fencers, you do not need to know how to fence to join the club” he invites all of those who are interested to come out and start this amazing and unique sport that not many people know of or do.  This is their third year as a club, and they expect to field another full squad of Foran and Law men and women fencers, last season they had 22 fencers, 14 of whom were from Foran. The first practice is Dec. 3rd at Foran from 7-9pm and price to get all your equipment is only $175 (includes all the equipment needed to begin). One of the unique things about fencing is you can choose from three different types of fencing styles. There is the Foil, Epée, and Sabre. These are three different types of swords and the way you fence/ rules of fencing are totally different for each. Most begins start at Foil but the coach said that “if we get enough members this year then the fencers can start with whichever one they deem better for them”. Anyone interest in this unique sport can contact him at 203.589.4376 or email at [email protected]. This is our third year as a club, and we expect to field another full squad of Foran and Law men and women fencers, with 19 tournaments planned with local public and private schools.