It’s Never Too Early to Start Preparing for College


Jules Tuozzola

Staff Writer

644e1c56-90de-40f1-8ea9-609f64870eccThe student who is sleep deprived, always talking about the SAT’s, and constantly checking PowerSchool between classes, is most likely a Junior in high school. The over-used phrase, “This year is the most important year for academics,” is one that eleventh graders have set in stone. In the blink of an eye, we’ll all be dressed in caps and gowns holding diplomas. It is never too early to begin the enticing and nerve-racking college searching process. Juniors, now is the ideal time to search schools online and sign up for college visits!

When searching for the perfect school, Mrs.Litzie in guidance suggests considering a school’s size, location, and their majors first. Mrs. Litzie says, “It is important to evaluate where a school is geographically speaking. For students who are undecided in their major, understand that that is perfectly fine.” Mrs. Litzie provides some advice for Juniors that will lead them into the path of success. “Prepare for the SAT, and keep your grades up. Khan Academy is an excellent SAT prep site as well as Terc database which Mrs. Pellegrino offers on the Foran website.” Mrs. Litzie also dives into different elements students should be prospering in. “It is important to get involved in community service and school activities. Colleges love to see students who devote their time and put great effort into a couple of clubs or activities rather than signing up for every single club or activity and not being an active participant in them. Colleges enjoy seeing well-rounded students.” Mrs. Litzie also expressed that talking to your guidance counselor about college would be an ideal start. She also stresses using the Naviance site as it is a wonderful tool to utilize throughout the college hunt.

Junior John Lickteig communicates how he began the college search process. “First, I evaluated some of my personal preferences. I am looking for a big school and one that is in the realms of Connecticut. I am also considering schools based on how well their programs are academically.” Lickteig recently visited UConn and spoke about how visiting colleges is a great stepping stone in helping decide what school is the best fit for you.

Raquel Guimaraes expressed how considering a certain major and passion is extremely important amidst the college searching. “I’ve visited art schools because that is something I am passionate about and want to go into.” Guimaraes also provides some valuable advice while visiting colleges. “Make sure when you are visiting a school to keep an open mind and talk to the students who attend that college to get a real feel of what it’s like to be a student there.”

Juniors, get on Naviance, schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor, and start preparing for SAT’s! When starting this process try not to become overwhelmed, it is a journey intended to be exciting. The winter of Junior year is an excellent time to start looking because there is still approximately a year to explore colleges before having to hand in applications. Start with simple steps such as evaluating a school’s location, majors, and size. Remember to keep your GPA up, take action in preparing for the SAT’s, and be an active participant in clubs, sports, work, or community service!