Favorite Holiday Movies

Mark Duffy

It’s finally that time of year again, the holiday season- a time of sparkling lights, the first snowfalls, gift-giving, the tastiest desserts, and, most of all, family togetherness. What better way to embrace family togetherness than by sitting down to watch a festive holiday movie? During December, so many channels broadcast holiday movies on a nightly basis, and it’s nearly impossible to miss the classics as we get closer to the actual holidays themselves. From cartoon specials that people of any age can enjoy, to more serious holiday-themed dramas, there are a limitless amount of movies to watch this December to enjoy with family members and give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

A personal favorite of mine is A Charlie Brown Christmas. Everyone loves the Peanuts characters, and this age-old classic really tugs at the heart strings as Charlie Brown struggles to fit in with the over-commercialized and materialistic nature of the holidays that his friends fall victim to. Who can’t help but feel thankful as Charlie and his friends sing and enjoy each other’s presence around the tiny “tree”.

One movie that proves to be very popular for families, year after year, is Elf. Buddy the Elf, after discovering he is adopted, travels to New York City to meet his father, who ends up being the biggest of scrooges. A film filled with both laughs and tears, Elf teaches us all the true value of family during the holiday season. The movie’s comedy is primarily drawn from Buddy’s inability to assimilate to fast-paced New York City culture.

“I love Elf because it’s so quirky and cute. Will Farrell is hilarious as Buddy, and my family and I share so many quality laughs,” says freshman Kelly Strom.

For those of you who enjoy a more serious movie, Love Actually is the perfect film that blends holiday spirit with romantic drama. The movie follows 10 couples during December and demonstrates the different ways love manifests itself and is shared during the holiday season, whether it be between friends, couples, or family members. The movie certainly has its more somber moments, as we all realize the reality that some face as they experience loneliness during the holidays.

Plenty of people, young and old, enjoy binge watching a holiday movie series, including The Santa Clause trilogy and Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Unlike many other film series, these sequels are packed with just as much fun and spirit as the original films.

“I love sitting down with my family to watch all of The Santa Clause films, because Tim Allen is such a funny actor, and it is really heart-warming to watch the characters grow and develop over the many holidays they share with one another,” said senior Sabrina Morgan.

Finally, another cartoon classic that cannot go unmentioned would have to be How the Grinch Stole Christmas– and I mean the original, not that weird live-action remake from the 2000’s. I for one cannot go through the entire month of December without watching this movie, as it just perfectly captures the love and care we share for one another during the holiday season. No matter how hard the Grinch tried, he could never break the bond the Whos felt for one another- gifts or no gifts.

The Grinch is the perfect family film to watch during the month of December because I think it reminds everybody of the joy they felt as a child during the magical holidays. Plus, the Whos are so cute!” said junior Lily Stiffler.

Regardless of your taste, I am positive that you will find the perfect movie to watch with your family this holiday season. So sit back, relax, grab the hot chocolate and gingerbread men, and enjoy a quality film as the snow blankets the streets outside.