Tips & Tricks for the Average Anxious Test-Taker


Eva Knudsen

Sports Editor 


Rather than cramming before an exam, space out your study sessions to make sure you have more than enough time to prepare. Photo courtesy of


Before the exam…


  • DO NOT cram information the day before the test. It causes the stress levels in your body to rise.
  • Avoid people that tend to stress out about exams. Their stress will add to your stress and you will doubt yourself, which is something you do not need.
  • Eat well beforehand because it will help with your focus and help you achieve the grade you want.
  • Watch how much caffeine you consume, it’s better to avoid the coffee and ensure you get a good night’s sleep before the test.


During the exam…


  • Focus on the task at hand and nothing around you in your environment. Don’t worry about that one student tapping their pen, or how fast the person next to you is going.
  • When you’re able to open the exam skim through the pages to get a feel for what you’re expected to do.
  • An obvious but very important one, READ THE DIRECTIONS. Reading directions for any test or quiz is detrimental, it could help clarify anything you do not understand.


After the exam…

  • Spoil yourself completely. You deserve a pat on the back for completing that stress inducing and time consuming test. Go reward yourself with an icecream or that shirt you’ve always wanted.


Some test-taking tips from Foran students…

  • Julia Astram suggests to wear a comfortable and appropriate outfit. Personally, she wears midcalf socks, shorts under sweatpants and a short sleeve shirt under a sweatshirt.
  • Max Chang says he likes to listen to music to fall asleep to, either Logic or classical (there’s no inbetween). He advises to eliminate answers that don’t seem like they could be the correct answer for the question.