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Foran Students Graduate From a Prestigious Police Academy

May 30, 2017

Julia Astram Editor-in-Chief   The Milford Police Department Citizens Police Academy is quite a unique opportunity that students at Foran do not typically take advantage of. This year 5 students from Foran, Jake Bur...

Three Sweet Treats to make in the Summer

May 30, 2017

Quinn Lofthouse Staff Writer   Summer’s sweltering heat can leave you lethargic but still hungry, so here are three simple sweet recipes to treat yourself with. This time of the year is filled with fun, friends, and memories but making f...

Wrapping Up The Spring Sport Season

May 30, 2017

Olivia Ouellette Staff Writer The year is coming to an end and Spring sports have had an exceptional season of hard work, and wins against some tough teams.“This season we performed very very well, I am very pleased with o...

Pasta and Jazz

May 26, 2017

Gianna Cruciani  Staff Writer What could be better than a night of  all you can eat pasta and jazz music? Friday May 12th, marked the ninth annual Pata and Jazz event in at Foran High School.  Mrs. Shearer, the band director,  stated that, ...

How to Stay Fit in College

May 26, 2017

Michelle Brunson Staff Writer The reason the “Freshman  15” is a thing is because college essentially sets you up for failure in your health regime. Whether it's the constant socializing or stressing, most people forget the esse...

The New Style(s)

May 26, 2017

Madeline Mitchell Staff Writer   The former One Direction star, Harry Styles, has expanded on his success by moving from X-Factor star, to worldwide phenomenon, and then to solo artist in a matter of seconds. As May came around Styles proclaimed a self title...

World Culture Club Raising Money for Syrian Children

May 24, 2017

Jessica Mbelu Staff Writer   Joseph A. Foran students participate in an after school World Culture Club, which is a club that studies the different cultures of the world. It is participating in a fundraiser in order to h...

Year of 16-17

May 18, 2017

College Crises: Where Should I Go?

April 7, 2017

Alyssa Fameli Staff Writer April, the month that brings fresh nerves to the seniors. The month spent entirely thinking about college before that May first deadline comes, inching closer each day. After spending countless hours looking information up online, ...

FAME is in the Spotlight

April 7, 2017

Maddie Buckley Staff Writer  On March 5th, Foran High School’s very own drama club wrapped up their production of FAME: the Musical. The show went well, with several great reviews from students and teachers alike. “I thought th...

Tennis is Swinging Back Into the New Season

April 7, 2017

Olivia Ouellette Staff Writer  Spring is here and you know what that means Foran, Tennis season has begun. With the boys team being coached by Mr. Noyes,and the girl’s team being coached by a new coach Mrs. Kaminski the players are ...

Foran Peps About the Annual Pep Rally

April 5, 2017

Michelle Brunson Staff Writer Foran high school exemplifies their copious amounts of spirit 3 times a year during spirit week. What is spirit week you  It's a week when schools try to increase the amount of school spirit and ...

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