the mane street mirror

The overview: The overlook of the Zen Den.

The Zen Den

Jake Israelite, Staff Writer | April 11, 2022

     After being closed all of the 2020-2021 school year due to Covid-19, the Zen Den is back in use. Located next to student life on the third floor, to access the Zen Den you have to go to student life and reserve it for a certain time. The Zen Den can be used for meetings, mindfulness, and getting...

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A Golden Touch: Blue eyes with a gold eyeshadow and mascara to enhance it.

Eyes: The Window to the Soul

What you can tell about a person from their eyes
Julia Deicicchi, Staff Writer | April 11, 2022

     Eyes come in all different shapes and colors, and for many people it is their favorite feature of themselves. Oftentimes, it is the first thing people notice about a person, because eyes can stand out no matter the color.      While eyes are pretty to look at in general, they can also convey...

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Ms.Green helps students: Ms.Green helping students at ASAP.

ASAP: An After School Learning Program

Jack Beaupre, Staff Writer | April 8, 2022

     At ASAP, students get the opportunity to get extra help on schoolwork.  ASAP is made for anything you have to do related to schoolwork. There are always teachers available to help you on your task. These teachers give you a 1-on-1 opportunity to help you learn.      At ASAP there is a...

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Train Track Bridge: Train traveling out of Milfords station.

Bridges of Milford

Colleen Ardolino, Staff Writer | April 8, 2022

     Bridges are seen all over Milford, Connecticut. Without them transportation would be extremely difficult. There is also a great deal of history behind them.      The Jefferson Bridge, found on Over Mill (Wepawaug) River, was built in 1934. This bridge was built during Thomas Jefferson's...

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Booker: A kind and loving pup who has been waiting months to find his forever home.

Long-term Shelter Resident

Don't Keep Him Waiting Fur-ever
Kylee Payne, Staff Writer | April 8, 2022

     Milford Animal Control works to rescue stray, abandoned, and owner surrender cases of dogs and cats. Most times these animals are only at the shelter for an estimated two to six weeks before adoption.       Booker, an estimated three-year-old pit mix is one of the many that are often overlooked...

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A closer look: This sunset was captured on a winter evening in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Sunsets Around Connecticut

Taking a Deep Look
Fiona Ciambriello, Staff Writer | April 8, 2022

     Sunrises and sunsets are something people tend to see daily. However, it is possible that they tend to overlook them, instead of taking in their deeper meaning. Sunsets can represent various emotions, all depending on a person's outlook on life.      The warm colors within a sunset have...

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Entrance: Westshore Recreation Center entrance on 14, Benham Ave, Milford, CT.

Rec Basketball in Milford

James D'Angelo, Staff Writer | April 6, 2022

     Rec basketball is a great way for the Milford residents to continue to play a sport they love. Rec Basketball can be played at the West Shore Recreation center on, 14 Benham Ave, Milford CT.      The West Shore Recreation center provides a fun and safe environment for the community to enjoy...

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Posters such as this one have been displayed all across Milford in an effort to raise awareness for the war in Ukraine.

How Milford is Handling the Ukraine Crisis

Cian Carroll, Staff Writer | April 6, 2022

     Although Ukraine is thousands of miles away, its current crisis is still heavily prominent in our community. Fundraisers and ceremonies have been held, and yellow and blue clothing has been worn to show support for Ukraine. Foran was able to raise $658 on March 11th and all donations were given...

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The Augusta National Golf Club, the home of the Masters. Photo Courtesy:

Teeing off April 7: The Masters

Kyle Zarnoch, Sports Editor | April 6, 2022

     Located in Augusta, Georgia there lay one of the most pristine golf courses in the world, Augusta National Golf Club.       The 72 holes of fresh grass and amazing scenery was designed by English designer Alister MacKenzie, however the idea for the course came from retired competitive...

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Fun Awaits:  The Dave and Buster’s logo is well known and is displayed in the middle of the arcade for all to see.

A Dive into Dave and Buster’s

Cal Wrigley, Staff Writer | April 4, 2022

     With the summer quickly approaching, a great way to get out of the house is to head to Dave and Buster’s, the largest and only arcade spot in Milford. With its location being in the Milford Mall, it is easily accessible and attracts many people who go to the mall. Dave and Buster’s offer...

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Duck, Duck, Goose: Three ducks chasing each other in their home behind City Hall.

“Keeping Milford Clean”

Bella Mema and Sean Ayoub | April 4, 2022

     Milford, Connecticut, is known as “A Small City with a Big Heart.” However, residents and visitors alike may also recognize it for its wildlife, particularly in the center of town. With two duck ponds, a small waterfall, and a harbor, downtown Milford has been the home of these animals for...

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Parent Involvement: Foran parents attending a Booster Club meeting about athletics.

Foran Booster Club Seeks Support

Gavin Fanelli, Staff Writer | April 4, 2022

     The Foran Booster Club, a non-profit organization that supports all Foran student athletes, is seeking eager parents who would like an opportunity to help the Foran community.       Mrs. Lucila Massey and Mr. Vitelli are the current Booster Club presidents and leaders of the meetings.   ...

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