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Sound Lions in Action: Sound Lions members help clean the environment at their last beach clean up, at Woodmont Beach. Photo Courtesy: Jamie D’Avignon, December 5, 2021

Sound Lions Club Keeping Our Environment Clean

Chloe Nittoly, Staff Writer | January 18, 2022

     From beach clean ups to recycling plastic water bottles, keeping our environment safe is an important aspect that members take on as a part of the Sound Lions Club.      The overall purpose of the Sound Lions Club is to work towards creating a clean, safe environment. Within this club,...

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Celebrating Virtually: Many schools, such as Lynn university, are sending out digital acceptance letters to students like Grace Tavitian. Photo courtesy: Grace Tavitian. January 12, 2022.

Stress and Success: Choosing a College

Katharine Harrison, Content Editor | January 18, 2022

     “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” While this is a famous quote by author Charles Dickens, it may also be an almost perfect description of how seniors feel entering the new semester. Rolling in with the snow is a flurry of college acceptance letters, and the need to make...

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A New Phase: The new Disney + marvel page banner. Photo Courtesy: Disney +, January 14, 2022.

A Marvelous Year for Entertainment

Sam Cogan, Staff Writer | January 18, 2022

     With box office records, streaming successes, and critics’ approvals, Marvel Studios had an incredible 2021. Using a combination of blockbuster movies and exciting television shows, Marvel bounced back from their lackluster 2020 with a new project almost every month.      Fans had been...

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An Incentive for Reflection: Flyer for the Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest held by senator Chris Murphy. Photo courtesy:

Shining a Light on Martin Luther King Jr. Day’s Impact in Schools

Maria Garbin, Content Editor | January 14, 2022

     The King Holiday Bill was signed on November 2, 1983, designating the third Monday in January a federal holiday in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., the notorious civil rights leader who challenged racial matters and moved change in the way Americans acted and thought.      All 50...

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Paul Brown Stadium: This is where the Raiders play the Bengals this wild card weekend. This game is at 4:30 eastern time on Saturday on NBC.

NFL Playoff Picture – Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Evan Kerzner and Austin Lermayer | January 14, 2022

     The longest NFL regular season in history has recently come to a close. Throughout this extended season, there have been many shocking moments and crazy plays, which have now led to the close and down-to-the-wire playoffs. Since last year, the NFL has added an extra wild card spot. There are...

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New addition to The Family: Cerbi’s joyful smile as his adoption is certified, and he can be taken to his new home, August 27, 2021.

Pet Adoption During the Winter Season

Thomas Gauthier, Staff Writer | January 12, 2022

     Every year, the holiday season takes America by storm. People come together with friends and family to celebrate the season of giving and the various holidays it offers. The classic sight of children getting a puppy or kitten for Christmas is easily a childhood dream come true.       Each...

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Firing Fiber: Three students in Mr. Sember’s Forensics class complete a lab on Fiber Analysis.

Analyzing a New Course: Forensic Science

Morgan Viesselman and Tori Matula | January 8, 2022

     This past school year, students got the opportunity to take a new science course called Forensics, a half-year elective class taught by Mr. Gregory Sember and Mrs. Melissa Smith.       Since this course is brand new, teachers have not had as much experience as they would have hoped on...

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Extra Credit: Senior Melissa Connelly reviewing her notes.

High Grades Without High Stress

Preparation for Midterm Exams Begin
Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema | January 7, 2022

     As midterm exams approach in mid-January, students may begin to feel the pressure. A week of testing can be daunting when experiencing it for the first time. To ease the stress, Foran seniors and teachers detail methods to lessen any anxiety and improve study habits.       Often, academic...

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Class Officers: Officers from the classes of 2025-2022: Connor Rizzo, Arvid Torngrip, Olivia Salai, Jacob Collette, Kaleigh Morton, Julia Decicchi, Katharine Harrison, Jay Yang, Megan McTigue, and Arezoo Ghazagh.

What Class Officers are Doing to Benefit the Student Body

Gracie Brogan, Staff Writer | January 5, 2022

     In the spring and early fall, student council elections are held. The class elections allow students to be able to choose a representative from their class. These representatives, or officers, help with many events and organize fundraisers which benefit the school. Many students aren’t aware...

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Foran Football: Ubaldi, Mccabe, and Zarnoch celebrate a special night. Photo Courtesy: Fernando Quieroz November 18, 2021.

Injured Athletes and the Impact on their Futures

Dean Ross and Jason Cruz | January 4, 2022

     Injuries have always had effects on athletes from small injuries to big ones. They will always be a part of sports and even life-changing for some. Many athletes at Foran High School have been faced with injuries and have had many different impacts from them, such as being out for a season or...

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Interstate 95: “The Road Most Traveled”

Interstate 95: A Compelling History

Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | January 4, 2022

     The country's most traveled road, Interstate 95, commissioned in 1956 by President Eisenhower's National Interstate and Defense Highways Act, has a compelling history behind its legacy. It spans nearly 2,000 miles from Florida to Maine to serve millions of people, shaping lives for decades.  ...

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Time Flies: The most important events of each month in chronological order.

2021 in Review

A Summary of the Past Year Through Major Events
Ginger Schmidt, Staff Writer | January 4, 2022

     January: On Jan. 6, disaster struck our nation's capital. What began as a seemingly harmless political rally became a riot and major breach of national security resulting in five deaths and many hospitalizations. In the hopes of overturning the 2020 presidential election results, a mob disrupted...

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