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Richly colored tree in the entrance of Foran High School. Photo courtesy: Maria Garbin, May 2, 2021.

In the Small Details, the City Changes

Maria Garbin | May 19, 2021

     On Saturday, March 20, spring arrived with changing landscapes and warmer temperatures. As the color of the streets changed from the white and grey from the snow on the roads to green, and people had more daylight time, small details began to paint new landscapes in the city.      In many...

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Isabel Blanco performing during the school’s musical last year.  Photo Courtesy Isabel Blanco

Hidden Talents Within Foran

Tatyanna Bun, Staff Writer | April 22, 2021

     Many students within the Foran community have talents that are not broadcasted every day. Some of these talents include being musically gifted or artistically gifted.      These talents took a lot of practice to become good at and are easy to get started. Drawing can be very intimidating...

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Getting artsy: Lexi Roma focuses as she applies eye makeup to a client. Photo courtesy of Shannon Alicki.

A Growing Beauty Artist: Lexi Roma

Aliya Prosser, Staff Writer | April 19, 2021

     As students graduate, many pursue their passions through academic studies, independent research, or hands-on experience in a field with professionals. As students begin to craft their futures, some take the opportunity to expand their creativity and grow their artistic skill set. Lexi Roma, Foran...

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Turkey Hill’s Start Point: The sign posted in front of the opening of Turkey Hill Hiking Area. Photo courtesy: Kathleen Chang, March 12, 2021.

Exploring Local Trails: Nature’s Beauty Around Us

Kathleen Chang, Staff Writer | April 16, 2021

     With warmer weather approaching and another cold winter season left behind, hiking is making its way back into people’s schedules as more activities move outside. Around the Milford area, there are numerous hiking trails at local citizens’ disposal—including Turkey Hill located in Orange...

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The start of it all: this street sign was decorated back in December when the trend was first starting to go around. Photo Courtesy: Morgan Viesselman, December 12, 2020

Celebrating Through Street Signs

Luca Marinelli and Morgan Viesselman | April 14, 2021

         Whenever holidays roll around, every town has their own tradition that happens every year within the community. Whether it’s a parade or gathering on the green, things are different this year and have to be modified for Covid safety.       Around Christmas time a member of the...

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The Foran Tennis team back on the court, working hard during practice Photo courtesy: Kyle Zarnoch: March 26, 2021.

The start of 2021 Spring Sports

Is this the first step to normalcy?
Kyle Zarnoch, Staff Writer | April 14, 2021

     When the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world in early 2020, the cancellation of many high school sports left many players disappointed. With 2021 here and the pandemic on the decline, we have seen the return of athletics. Although the sports include strict protocols, many players are just thankful...

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A Technological Study Space: A teacher showcases what her space looks like while grading papers.

Students’ Overuse of Technology

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | April 12, 2021

     During the school day, students and teachers both are constantly surrounded by technology. Chromebooks are in use nearly every day, as well as SMART boards, cell phones, and desktop computers.      Freshman Joselyne Cruz says, “Technology is definitely overused in schools, especially...

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The wedding of 1942: Newlyweds Mary and Joseph Galaburri. Photo courtesy: Steph Galaburri, March 17, 2021

Genealogy: The Roots of the World

Stephanie Galaburri, Staff Writer | April 12, 2021

     Ancestry can reveal a lot about the word. Family history shows the life events, good and bad, of the people that came before this generation. reminds us that, “Family history research can help you learn about your roots, your cultural connections, and ethnic identity.”...

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A cat that is currently living at the shelter looking for a home. Photo courtesy of Gary Farrar Jr.

Spreading Awareness to Sheltered Animals

Aidan Davis, Staff Writer | April 12, 2021

     No animal should belong in a shelter, every animal should have a home and more people should adopt animals. Animals do not deserve to be abandoned, or left to die. They also should belong to a kind family who will love and nurture him. If people are looking for animals they should go to the shelter...

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Sonic in Milford has very good Milkshakes

Examine Milford’s Ice Cream Options

Oliver Ardrey, Staff Writer | April 11, 2021

     One of the greatest joys of summer is eating ice cream or drinking a cold milkshake from your favorite ice cream shop. To help start off the spring season here are some top picks for ice cream or milkshakes in Milford, Connecticut. There are many good ice cream places in Milford such as Scoopy...

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A discarded medical mask among common litter at Pains Road. Photo courtesy: Maria Garbin, Mar. 10

New Common Litter: Face Masks around Milford

Maria Garbin, Staff Writer | April 11, 2021

     While walking around the city of Milford on any given day, people can spot many masks improperly discarded in various areas. Used surgical masks can be found in the roads, the sidewalks and even on the downtown green.      The problem, obviously, is worldwide. An article in The Conversation...

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 The sun setting on the sand bar on one of Cape Cod’s beaches. Photo courtesy of Anna Paul.

Enjoying the Beaches of Cape Cod

Amanda Queiroz, Staff Writer | April 11, 2021

     Living in Milford likely means you are close by a beach if you head east enough. However sometimes it is nice to visit other beaches that are outside of the Milford community. A great destination is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Many Foran student have vacationed in  Cape Cod and enjoyed their visit...

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